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Warcraft Loot Cards Bundle

Warcraft Loot Cards Bundle

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Scratch & Win

Originally released in 2006, the Warcraft Trading Card Game has captured the imaginations of WoW fans for years. This drop features seven different loot cards from the popular game, some more rare than others. Loot cards come with a scratch-off code that can be entered online to claim unique items like pets, mounts, tabards, and other cool novelties. Try your luck and see if you’ll find something bizarre.

Note: This drop is limited to 60 units.

Warcraft Loot Cards Bundle


The World of Warcraft TCG is played in the same style of most other games of its kind. Players are pitted against each other. At the start of a game, players choose a hero from one of the two factions to represent them (the Horde or the Alliance). Players can cast spells, enlist allies, and use other items to aid in the fight. Once a hero’s health points are depleted, the game ends and the last player standing is the winner.

Bloat the Bubblefish
Eye of the Legion
King Mukla
Nightsaber Cub
Sand Scarab
Sandbox Tiger

Included Cards

  • Eye of the Legion
  • Bloat The Bubblefish
  • Slashdance
  • Sand Scarab
  • Sandbox Tiger
  • King Mukla
  • Nightsaber Cub


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