WASD + Arrow Shine-Through Novelty Keycapssearch

WASD + Arrow Shine-Through Novelty Keycaps

WASD + Arrow Shine-Through Novelty Keycaps

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I like the way they design, but the face will be hidden by my keyboard.
been waiting for this exact product drop at a price like this just not the version with those smiley faces :(
I bought these last drop and the legends wore off in a few weeks of light use
They're available for $6.99 on banggood; even the lowest tier drop is way too expensive and with shipping in April; this is a terrible deal- both in terms of people's time and money.
These aren't artisan.
Way too expensive! Saw these on AliExpress for far less, and the store that sells it on there has free world wide shipping.
Disappointed with these. S and D are starting to fade after maybe 1 month of use. Also, these keycaps are shorter than those that came with my keyboard. Had to remove the LED color changers for them to fit.
This is such a joke. This has been dropped before, and they still haven't fixed the thumbnail picture. Even someone who knows nothing about mechs can spot that there's something off here.
Just got both colours. from there now. Thanks for the tip :)
Cheaper on Banggood, and you don't have to wait until August.
are these compatible with razer blackwidow ultimate 2016?
Yes they are
I got these on the last drop and they were actually really nice with my WASD Code keyboard.
Caps just came in! They're pretty cool actually.

aw they are so cuteee
My caps just shipped!
Mine also! It's fantastic :D
Miscalculated ūüė≠ I'll be on vacation when they arrive.
The time duration for shipment is no joke.
7.50$ for shipping, are you kidding me?
Sorry if it's a silly question but are the arrow keys the same as the wasd keys as in their height per row. in other words can I use the arrow keys in the wasd positions without it being "off"
i should mention im on a CM novatouch which is a standard layout
I am all over the place with rows, so. And I do pretty well in online games.

Woo! I love novelty shine-through caps!
In for a set of each! <3
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Many, many, many keyboards are non-RGB and some people would choose orange even so, for a different look.
But yeah, generally you'd want the orange ones for white LED boards.
Got this drop to spice up my K70, I think the orange will stand out from the red LEDs just enough, but there's no way to tell until they get here
Congratulations MassDrop!
You've finally managed to do a complete photo shoot of the caps properly.
I'm actually not going to ask for a photo for the first time.
Break out the bubbly. You've done it. I hope no one faints from having finally shut me up. :D
Seriously. Great job.
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I can practically feel the rage, also, I'm thinking of getting these for my black widow ultimate and am wondering if the orange ones would let the green bleed through and make a gross color.
Should be a matching fit. Color wise. Gross for sure.
These look awesome! Hopefully more people commit so I can finally add some custom keycaps to my keyboard