WASD Keyboards Cherry Cat Novelty Keycaps (4-Pack)search

WASD Keyboards Cherry Cat Novelty Keycaps (4-Pack)

WASD Keyboards Cherry Cat Novelty Keycaps (4-Pack)

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Is there anywhere to buy these meow?
Shipped !!!!! Thank U ! What a cute >_< !!!!!!!
Shipped early! NICE!
super cute... but missed opportunity by not having the eyes shine through for back lit keyboards.
Trying to join this drop, which keycaps in the 'join drop' section are for your arrow keys?
What??? You don't have the roadkill cat caps?
What Row Option do I use for these to be arrow key replacements on a Varmilo VA68M?
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and I misspelled 'zxcv' heh :3
I think I was thinking about WASD when I said that.
I got the kitties on time, they are nice and secure on my arrow keys. IMHO go with the neutral colors.
The fact you can't pick different colours and different rows for the 4 keys really killed it for me
Thankfully it's only a couple dollars more to pick and choose on WASD Keyboards website.
This drop demonstrates that there is still demand for low quality - low cost key cap stuff.
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I am not into artisan's my self and I agree they are cute, so I just pointing that this demonstrate that you do not need to spend a fortune to get what you want.
agreed :)
Geez these take a long time to ship...
For quantity 4 you'll spend $1.01 more on WASD Keyboards, plus you can choose your colors, cat, and rows. Link:


The shipping there to countries in europe are insane. About 13$ minimum shipping for one keycap. From massdrop with this kit it's only 5$ shipping
Hmm. How about getting some nice dyesub novelties from maxkeys or Gateron (enjoyPBT)?

Unless you just HAVE to have cats on your keeb, these are pretty crappy. I have WASD caps, and they are very thin and I dislike the way the printing looks cheap on them :(

Just trying to inform for those who dont know the quality
do they last a long time?