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Received my board yesterday! Ordered the TKL. Coming from mx reds and greens. Such a sweet switch with a satisfying bump. Can put up a video if ever?
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Oh sorry! Yes I heard some ping around my wasd keys. Its one key specifically.
ok, i seen to have noticed it on more of my switches then just one
anyone gotten their shipping notification yet?
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damn it would seem like i have not gotten my update for the keyboard yet
Got my shipping notification a few hours ago. Any luck on yours yet?
i joined the drop but could anyone tell me how zealios switches feel like all i know is that majority of people i have met love them
Is the international shipping charge really $11.11 USD? Normally WASD charges $59 USD to ship to New Zealand, so if this isn't an error, that's a deal in itself.
ABS case and keycaps for $190? I know Zealios are a premium but I got the Tada68 with Zealios and Aluminum case for less than this. Even though TKL has a few more switches, I don't think it warrants this price point.
I think this is more for people who may not know how to solder
im not sure if the normal WASD v2 is different than the ABS case on this one but i've had mine for like 5 years now and its not shining, scratching, or decaying at all

not to mention this has a metal backplate, and no branding or anything
If you don't like the keycaps offered here, you can buy a barebones keyboard directly from WASD. It comes with Zealio 65g switch too. No backlighting though. I have bought it awhile ago with the MOD-M switch. After some tinkering and finding the best keycaps it's one of my favorite keyboards now.
Pushing WASD ABS keycaps with MX clears was like smashing mushrooms. I wonder how long would those keycaps last with a heavier switch.

Also, why would you need an onboard memory to remember DIP switches customization?
I found this on c|net:
Or you could buy this keyboard:
that costs half price ( and has real Cherry MX switches and full N-key rollover ...
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I'm thinking about getting that keyboard too. At the moment I have a Corsair K70 with Cherry MX red switches but I don't really like them for typing/coding (I'm also a developer and spend a bit more time coding than playing too) so I'm going to get the Cherry MX brown switches for my next keyboard. They seem to be a more all round switch.
I'd recommend getting the board featured here, since nothing really comes close to how good Zealios are as a tactile switch. Cherry MX Browns have just a tiny little bump which has never really satisfied anyone at the end of the day. Non-clicky tactile switches have always been this middle ground of wanting a tactile switch without the loudness of MX Blues, and very few have stepped up in creating a better switch. It's why Zealios are still as popular as they are. Other than 'Ergo Clears' there aren't any good alternatives.
This product is intriguing. I'd totally jump on this if I were on the market for a pre-built. This or one of the new Leopolds with the Dolch PBT doubleshots pre-installed.
PSA: I returned a CODE the same day I bought it because you can't use the Fn key and the Menu key at the same time - they share the same physical switch and you have to pick one or the other via DIP switch. Might not be a big deal for many, but I use the Menu key hundreds of times a day and want a keyboard that has separate Fn and Menu keys.
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Fair enough. I used to be a heavy user of the menu key, but I don't miss it (I've used a CODE with mx clears for the last 4 years). I predominantly use Linux these days though, and my workflow as a developer doesn't utilise context menus as much as MS Windows used to.
When I first got into mech keyboards, I bought a new open-box Das Keyboard Prime 13 off eBay for $70, and a WASD Code 104 new from Amazon. Overall, the CODE was slightly better: LEDs were actually white, compared to very bluish ones in the Das, and I instantly liked the Clear switches better than Prime 13's only option of Brown. In the end, I sent the CODE back due to the user-hostile shared Fn/Menu key issue, and modified my Prime to have better LEDs, a custom switch layout, and sound damping: