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WASD Code Zealios Keyboard

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Neat keyboard. Clean and professional-looking.
Looks like it doesn't have a warranty, I'd consider purchasing from elsewhere if that matters to you. Massdrop won't do anything after 30 days
Is there anyone here who has experience with Zealio switches already? If so, do you enjoy 65g, or do you prefer 67g?

I'm wondering whether 65g might be too light, or if, on the other hand, 65g is more comfortable for long typing.
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Yeah. I've been toying with the idea of buying 100g springs and trying those out on my board.
I used to love Cherry MX Blacks 60cN and clears 65cN. I bought 2 IKBC boards with them. But after a year of playing shooters, my left hand has developed some tendonitis. I've gone back to MX browns and reds. I still use the MX blacks for typing/coding. But playing games, I'm opting for lighter 45cN switches.
I just want to let anyone whos thinking about buying this to consider the original key caps that come with this keyboard are awful are you are going to need a after market key caps. i also found that there was a loud pinging noise when i was first typing on it but after a few days it went away
Had the same thing on mine, except the pinging noise never went away.
Does this keyboard has options for an aftermarket aluminium case?
No, currently there is no aftermark aluminium case but you can get a white case directly from WASD website i believe though
Something important to note for those buying this board, WASD boards in the past have had mounting plates that do not allow you to open switches without first desoldering. If you want to lube these switches you'll have to desolder the board.
We are getting closer and closer ! Sell it with choice of Zealios Switch type (my fav is Zilent 62g), and without keycaps so we can add ours, and its good !
Way too expensive for an ABS plastic case with ABS keycaps. Also, this is just an opinion, but zealios are overrated and overpriced. On top of that, it has white-only backlighting, no programmable firmware, and only 6-key rollover.

What exactly makes this board worth 200$? Save your money and spend it on one of the many boards that cost half the price with better specs and more customization options. WASD has very cool ABS keycap printing options, but that's about it. Not sure why so many people buy their boards.
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You sent me down a rabbit hole and now I'm $350 poorer and two boards richer. I'm also much happier with my keyboard solutions :)
Yes this was my intention muahaha
What keycaps are everyone putting on this board? I find GMK caps interfere with the costar stabs and certain keys have stiction/can't bottom properly. Gonna put on the dev tty and see how they perform.
This is now available directly from WASD:

Tenkeyless ($190): http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/code-keyboard/code-87-key-mechanical-keyboard-zealio.html

Full-size ($200): http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/code-keyboard/code-104-key-mechanical-keyboard-zealio.html
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The international shipping is also significantly cheaper on MD, but I think I'd pay the difference to make sure it arrived. I've ordered hundreds of items internationally over the last few years and this was the first one to mysteriously disappear in the post for me..also the first shipped with DHL Ecommerce. (MD refunded, but it's pretty disappointing).
That's what I have heard, price wise can save you up to 40 or 50 bucks. But yeah, that's a shitty experience, I'm glad you got refunded at least.
so i have been using this keyboard for about a solid day now, and im not sure about other people but i find that mind have a lot of pinging im not sure if just the zealios switches but i want to hear others who have gotten theirs
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I had a WASD Code keyboard with Cherry MX greens which pinged and a few keyboards I built with Zealios switches which pinged.

I found the pinging sound is greatly reduced by lubing the springs in the Zealios switches. Hard to do on keyboards which have presoldered switches as you'll have to desolder every switch to open them. Not something I recommend.
I had a WASD code board in the past and it had such annoying pinging that I had to return it..