This is a massdrop for the WASD V1 Custom Keyboard. This keyboard is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. It comes in an impressive number of designs which our users have generated over the last two days and the build quality is superb. The keycaps are all custom printed/etched at WASD’s headquarters in Milpitas CA.

For every 10 units sold we can commission a new design. We’re starting with the top five designs in our poll and as more people get into the buy, we will increase the number of available designs. You can change design choice at any time so buy with confidence knowing you won't be locked into your first design choice if something better comes along. Here are the first five designs you can pick from to start things off.

  • Engraved White Keys + Happy Face ESC Key
  • Black with Burnt Sienna WASD
  • Black Gray with Red WASD
  • Blank Black
  • Red + White
  • UK 105 Key Layout with Modern Start Logo
  • Semi Pro V2
  • Project Fang
  • Black with Text and Star key
  • Gray with Red ESC Key
  • Apple Style for MAC - White
  • Black and Blue with Tri-Force and Metroid
  • Gray and Black with New Windows Keys
  • Semi Pro V3
  • Default
  • Blank
  • Dvorak
  • Colmak
  • Checkered
  • Old School Remix
  • Classic
  • Modern

Mechanical Switches
This keyboard has Cherry MX Mechanical switches under each key. Cherry MX Switches don't need to be pressed down all the way in order to register a key stroke. This means you can type faster with less fatigue. There are four types of switches available for the WASD V1. The three most important criteria for choosing the best switch are, actuation force, whether its a linear switch, and whether its a clicky switch. Linear switches move up and down in a single continuous motion where tactile switches have a small amount of resistance just before the point of actuation. Clicky switches make a noise when you hit the actuation point versus the normal keys which only make noise when they come into contact with the PCB. You will be able to choose between Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, and Black switches at checkout, here is a more detailed explanation of each switch courtesy of Manyak on

Cherry MX Black Switches
Type: Linear Switch
Tactile: No
Clicky: No
Actuation Force: 60g (40g-80g overall)
Key Travel: 2mm to actuation, 4mm to bottom
Cherry MX-Black switches are linear (non-tactile) switches, these are considered one of the best switch types for gaming. When gaming, having a tactile bump does absolutely nothing because you're going to be bottoming out anyway. So these give you a very smooth feel. The actuation and release points are at the exact same position as well. So games that require a lot of double tapping become easier than on any other keyswitch. However, most people don't enjoy typing on them that much do in part, to their linear nature.
If you're a person who tends to hit a wrong key every so often while gaming, these will be beneficial in that the high actuation force will help prevent many of those accidental presses.

Cherry MX Brown Switches
Type: Tactile Switch
Tactile: Yes
Clicky: No
Actuation Force: 45g (55g Peak Force)
Cherry MX Brown switches are considered a middle ground between typing and "gaming" switches. They have a light, tactile feel half way through the key press that lets you know the switch has activated. This gives you an indication of what you can release the switch. The switch is considered a middle ground because the reset point & actuation point are close enough together than you can "float" at that point, enabling you to double tap faster.

Cherry MX Blue Switches
Type: Tactile & Clicky Switch
Tactile: Yes, precise
Clicky: Yes
Actuation Force: 50g (60g Peak Force)
Cherry MX Blue switches are the best cherry switch for typing. The tactile bump can easily be felt, and the resistance is similar to your average keyboard.
Although many people find them just fine for gaming, some don't like the fact that the release point is above the actuation point. This can cause some trouble with double-tapping. This is usually the case with someone who has experienced other mechanical switches before hand.

Cherry MX Red Switches
Type: Linear Switch
Tactile: No
Clicky: No
Actuation Force: 45g
Cherry MX-Red's are another switch that can be considered a "gaming" switch. It's essentially a lighter version of the MX Black, requiring less force to actuate. Some people do not find this switch that good for typing or gaming because it is so light, but others rave for this fact. Light or Stiff is always a matter of preference. This switch was hard to find; and was reported as EOL, but it is still in limited production with a higher than average MOQ leading to higher cost to board makers. Marketed with high demand, boards with this switch are becoming more common, but are more expensive as well.

Rubber O-Ring
"Bottoming out" is a term used to describe when a keystroke is pressed all the way down where the stem of the switch hits the inside of the switch casing. This causes a "clack" from the collision on mechanical keyboards. Switch sound dampeners are soft rubber O-rings that can be installed onto every single key cap stem to cushion the landing of the switch by stopping the keystroke just short of the point of bottoming out. This also very slightly reduces the max travel distance of the switch. (0.2-0.4mm. Varies by O-ring type.)
This modification is popular among mechanical keyboard owners from around the world. Since most people will bottom out at least a fraction of their keystrokes, the switch sound dampeners will cut away extra noise giving your mechanical keyboard a consistent sound output while typing. The added shock absorption can also help with finger fatigue during long typing sessions. These O-Rings are made of industrial grade EPDM rubber which has much better resistant to cracking, tearing, and chemicals than nitrile or silicon rubber. Fits firmly onto the stem of your Cherry MX keycap. Installation will require removal of your keycaps.
Comes in packs of 125. Sound dampeners can also be pre-installed when ordering WASD mechanical keyboards.

Hardness: 40A (Softer)
Travel Reduction: 0.4mm
Color: Red
Characteristics: Softer landing for better shock absorption.

Hardness: 40A (Softer)
Travel Reduction: 0.2mm
Color: Red
Characteristics: Sound reduction with minimal change in feel.

Hardness: 50A (Harder)
Travel Reduction: 0.4mm
Color: Black
Characteristics: Firmer landing for more defined feedback when bottoming out


  • Key Roll-Over: NKRO over PS2 adapter, 6KRO over USB
  • Key Cap Type: Laser etched/engraved (depends on the design) cylindrical key caps
  • Form Factor: 104 key full-size keyboard
  • Cable Type: Braided (covered in cloth)
  • Additional Included Items: Wire keycap puller, USB to PS2 (for NKRO)

Shipping Information
WASD has estimated that they will be able to produce about 25 keyboards per week so get your order in fast to be one of the first to have their keyboard made and shipped. We will be shipping out a batch of keyboards every week in an effort to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible.

Shipping Prices

  • Australia - $24.20
  • Belarus - $23.00
  • Brazil - $22.50
  • Canada - $13.00
  • Denmark - $22.50
  • Holland (Netherlands) - $23.50
  • Hungary - $23.00
  • Malta - $23.00
  • Mexico - $18.00
  • New Zealand - $22.50
  • Norway - $23.00
  • Portugual - $22.25
  • Puerto Rico - $13
  • Singapore - $22.00
  • UK - 23.20
  • USA - $12.50
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