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WASD V2 Mechanical Keyboard (ANSI/ISO)

WASD V2 Mechanical Keyboard (ANSI/ISO)

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Anyone else have their order cancelled? I just got a note telling me my item was back-ordered, so they cancelled the order.

I was getting the full-sized ANSI w/ brown switches and w/o caps.

Pretty frustrating.
Shipping on WASD's website is 55 to 70 USD for EU countries, the Fullsize being 150$, TKL 140$ and the compact one being 140$ *before shipping*.

Even the Barebones version costs more if you include shipping.
Too bad it's not hot swappable. Tired of seeing only Cherry switches being the options.
How compatible is this with a UK mac? I'm new to mech keyboards... been thinking about purchasing one for a while. I had a go on my pals - and quite liked typing with one.
Props for offering an ISO version!
ABS case and ABS keycaps for $130? Why would anyone get this over an iKBC F87?
This is a good deal if you're european. The barebones tkl ISO in MX clear costs 118.99 with shipping here, vs 165.74 on the wasd site.
Would this keyboard fit the tex aluminum tkl case?
Technically, yes. https://old.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/6qteqi/guide_ymd_aliexpress_alu_tkl_case_on_wasd_v2/
Is it possible to solder in your own backlighting? Like does this keeb have the same PCB as the Code version?
I’m confused is this a good deal or not? WASD site is offering similar price without a month of waiting.
It is if you are outside of the US, but probably not if you aren't
Anyone knows différences with code keyboard? Which is recommended? Prices same?
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Thanks for précision . You own à code keyboard ? How you find it?
It's basicly the same to my knowledge. but it has RBG lighting and some extra light controllers. (The CODE)
So w/o blank keys, means without blank keys right? Standard white print on black I'm assuming?

What is the reasoning behind buying this keyboard with black key caps? I find it especially curious that the blank key caps are more expensive. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me :)
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Thanks! I might have to rethink this buy then tho, I can type blindly but it is more muscle memory than anything else. Don't how practical blank key caps will be for me haha.
you will adjust to blanks really fast, give it a try :)
i was there a while ago, jumped on the mecha train with a blank daskeyboard, and was surprised how easy it was after some days of practice.
Can anyone tell me why this is a better deal than, say, the Durgod drop that is going on right now, that comes with PBT doubleshot keycaps included? Seems like kind of a ripoff that this WASD comes with ABS caps. Am I wrong in thinking people are just paying for the WASD brand? Buying a set of PBT caps for the WASD makes it double the price of the Durgod. Given they both us Cherry MX switches, with both having PBT, they have the exact same materials and functionality, one is just double the price of the other. Am I missing something here? (Unless of course you want the more exotic switches offered with the WASD)
I'm in the same boat. I really want to like WASD boards but can't fathom paying any substantial sum for a keyboard with ABS keys.
Durgod = cheap Chinese keyboard from a brand I've personally never heard of and might not be around in 3 years when I might have a warranty claim.

WASD = Slightly less cheap Taiwanese brand that assembles in the US and has been around so long I have no worries.

Yes, WASD is more expensive. You get what you pay for usually with them. I'm typing this on my Code.