Waterman Carène Black Sea Fountain Pensearch

Waterman Carène Black Sea Fountain Pen

Waterman Carène Black Sea Fountain Pen

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This is a stunning pen, but with an inlaid nib it will be the one you will never let any one else use, immediately becoming *that* guy or gal. Apparently there's a trick to avoid problems if you use a converter: fill it, return five drops back to the bottle, return the piston back to its filled position.
I am a bit slow here. What problem does your “trick” solve? I have a Carène and have not experienced any.
If you don't have any problems then don't worry about it!
Found the M nib on Amazon for $172 and the F nib for $162 with prime shipping on both.
It's even less now, $139 + $11 shipping (from Waterman) for the M nib Black Sea Gold. Hard to support this drop.
What happen with this drop? Am I the only one who didnt receive the pen? Still waiting for update ...
They have just started shipping the pens. Mine just shipped last night.
I have seen this pen range anywhere from $120-$425 depending upon what you’re purchasing , it can come with gold trim silver 925 caps and a number of other different colors and options
Not sure on the discount here? Retail is $205.00 and drop price is $190.00. That's only a 7% discount.

Just a FYI, I purchased this pen for $122.71 about five minutes ago on Amazon. I just lucked out because I wanted the chrome trim in a fine nib, and that was the cheapest one - $122.71


Wow, good find!
MD, check out photo 6 of 9, the close-up of the nib. The tip is not centered.
This is really not a good drop for the Carène, considering the wide variety of finishes and color available. Feels like a closeout, yet the price doesn’t reflect that.

I have the coral, and it is one of the most beautiful looking pens I own.
I ordered a stub and received a fine oblique! For anyone who knows anything about nibs, that won’t work! I am based in Hong Kong to add to my joys! Rajesh
Not sure there is much point in commenting on an inactive offering, but I received this pen today and loaded it with some Kon-peki and I love it. The pen is more attractive than is conveyed in photographs, and pardon the cliche, but the whole is more than the sum of the parts. It is a truly beautiful pen in ways that really become apparent when it is in your hand. It is also, and this is the most important thing always, a wonderful writer. I actually had some concerns after I read RoamingDutchman's comments, because I like a very fine line, as I generally use Japanese F or EF. Waterman's EF is on the absolute edge of what I can use, but it is within the margin, and I am enjoying using it very much. I'm no expert, but to me, it's about equal to a Lamy EF, and just a tiny bit wider than a Pilot or Sailor F. Bottom line, it's just fine for me. Also, the construction of the pen merits comment. This is a quality pen: everything fits, the furnishings are top notch, and the integrated nib in particular is very pleasing. I have another Waterman that is over thirty years old and still performs perfectly; I expect this pen has a good chance to do the same, which means someone other than myself will be enjoying this pen some day. Regarding the price, it was good for me simply because I could only find a few vendors who had the EF, and their prices were significantly higher. If you want a M or F, it's less of a contrast. Bottom line: I'm happy; this is a beautiful and well-made pen.
Well said! I have a Waterman Carene and it is a beautiful pen. It is very smooth and comfortable to hold. It is the perfect fountain pen for business use as it turns heads with its elegant appearance without being flashy or loud. It is just about my favorite pen, overall! Highly recommended!
Amber trim please!
This will hopefully be a good addition to my collection. I got the EF Silver on black because all my other pens are gold/black and I wanted something different. Looking forward to testing it out.
If you like normally to write in 'fine' get the EF nib (which you cannot get on amazon!) is recommended. I find the 'fine' for this pen to more write like a 'medium'. So do your research before selecting your nib size.
Japanese Nibs are generally about one size smaller than their European/American equivalents.
Not sure where you are finding this pen for 160.00 yigitemre. I see it for 219.00 on Amazon. Furthermore I searched a lot on Ebay and for 189.99 with free shipping, this appears to be a pretty good deal. Not to mention this pen is stunning! Glad I got in on the drop and can't wait to receive it! Can't remember the last time I was this excited to receive a fountain pen ;)
If you mention pen price as 219 with shipping cost, I cant see it unfortunately. Maybe price difference comes from that but as I mentioned list price is still ~160$.


I see what you are saying. The black/silver pen is 161.00 I wanted the one that is black and gold. If you go to the link you sent me and click on the gold/black one you will see it's $237.00 now.