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WE Knife 616 "Resonance" Folding Knife

WE Knife 616 "Resonance" Folding Knife

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I own 6 WE folders, and they're fantastic, but this one... just not feeling it. Now, if they did a drop on the new Slipstream, Nitida or Balaenoptera, I'd be down. Hell, even their budget lineup would work too.
They debuted the Nitida (back before it had name):
Hit the request button and maybe it'll come back.
This looks like an anime knife for some reason.
This blade profile must be a pain to sharpen, especially with a lansky.
Didn't Massdrop have some exclusive deal to get new releases from We Knife? I guess that didn't work out.
I wonder if we'll see any of the newest models here like the Balaenoptera.

EDIT: well never mind, they debuted the Sea Monster at least
This drop isn't retail 6 people need to join for the drop to happen and when that happens the price goes down to $240 so it's $10 cheaper and it won't take a month massdrop has much better shipping now.
$10 off a $250 item is not a meaningful discount, and their shipping is still weeks or months, drop depending, rather than days like any other retailer.
Yea I know $10 isn't much but In my opinion massdrop has much better customer service, the bestech knife I had they took back and gave me a full refund. On bladeHQ there is a restocking fee and you only get store credit.
$249.05 elsewhere and you dont have to wait 30+ days.
Why waste theirs and our time with a retail price drop? It makes no sense!
Retail price. Is this a joke?
Why would we join this drop at full retail price, with typical slow shipping?

I'm curious, this is a readily available WE model and I don't get this drop, at all.

Why organize it?
Tyler , any chance of this re-dropping? I have a buddy at work that would die for one, almost literally.
It's back.
I got mine day before yesterday! It's an awesome knife and well worth the price and wait! The 616's are finally starting to hit the online retailers but the MassDrop price was better than anywhere else. I'm amazed at how much WE has done so quickly!
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I was in the first group, first 500 or whatever, I think they try to just do two shipments.
Damn. I haven't been on this site for a while...life/work got busy. :D But I've put myself on the request list for these and hopefully I'll snatch at least one of them when the next drop comes. It's particular hard to buy anything over $100 on this site if you are in a country where your currency is extremely de-valued to the mighty $US dollar, not to mention ridiculous import fees.

Great recommendation. :D
Anyone else's shipment stuck in New York for 5 days now? :(
I've seen some photos on a forum of at least one customer who got theirs already
Damn it. Well, I'll be contacting USPS and see what's up. Thanks for the heads up!