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Westalee Ruler & Pattern Set

Westalee Ruler & Pattern Set

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DIY Boutique-Style Table Mats

Learn how to make and design handcrafted, quilted placemats at home and with the Westalee Design ruler set and June Tailor pattern set, which includes the June Tailor Casablanca placemat pattern, a Westalee Design oval template set, and an eight-point crosshair ruler. Featuring a piece-by-number construction that’s easy to assemble, the Casablanca pattern comes with enough batting to make six 19-by-15-inch placemats. The oval template set includes three rulers with a unique design that allows you to stitch on the inside of the template by removing your sewing machine key. Great for domestic or longarm sewing machines, the eight-point crosshair ruler has 11.25-, 22.5-, 45-, and 90-degree reference lines that provide precise reference marks so you can more quickly.

Note: This drop is for the pattern, oval templates, and eight-point crosshair ruler. At checkout, you’ll have the option to add a domestic ruler foot and template set (+ $34). You must have a ruler foot to complete the Casablanca placement mats. 

To order the ruler foot you must provide the make and model of your sewing machine for Sew Steady to determine which size shank to ship to you. Your order will not be placed if you do not provide this information. 

Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler Book

Westalee Ruler Foot & Template Set (+ $34)

If you don’t already have one, you can add the domestic ruler foot and template set, which comes with a ruler foot to prevent your templates from slipping under the needle, an arc template for making curved stitches, and Stable Tape to help hold templates in place while you stitch. 

Ruler Foot Guide


Casablanca Pattern

  • Batting material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Piece-by-number construction
  • Makes 6 mats
  • Finished mat size: 19 x 15 in (48.2 x 38.1 cm) 

Oval Template Set

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Key system design
  • Small oval size: 1 x 2 in (2.54 x 5.08 cm)
  • Medium oval size: 1.5 x 3 in (3.8 x 7.6 cm)
  • Large oval size: 2 x 4 in (5.08 x 10.1 cm)

8-Point Crosshair Ruler

  • Material: Acrylic
  • For use with domestic or longarm machines
  • Reference line markings: 11.25°, 22.5°, 45°, 90°
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 in (31.75 x 31.75 cm)

Domestic Ruler Foot & Template Set 

  • Foot material: Steel
  • Available sizes: Low, medium, high
  • Arc template size: 12 in (30.4 cm)
  • Includes self-adhesive Stable Tape


Domestic orders will be shipped by the vendor and international orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Oct 23, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.