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I second all the gentlemen below: these knives are crap. And advertisement is misleading - who compares titanium alloy to pure titanium? How about comparing it to cotton balls then? The very best titanium alloys are just too soft for knives, and pure titanium is just super soft.
So, there are a few materials out there that work as this claims to, but this isn't it.

* - you never get pure titanium. Everything you've ever handled is already 6AL4V, which i assume is exactly what this is.

* - You can harden beta-ti to some extent, nitinol, or even dendritic cobalt. This is none of those things.
Lots of things are made out of CP titanium. And about a bazillion other Titanium alloys. 6Al4V is common in the knifemaking world, yes. But that's a seriously niche market all things considered.
For everything your average person has had hands on, it's been GR5, most likely probably 6AL4V. most other grades of titanium are used in chemical processing, aerospace components and marine equipment, with the exception of GR4 titanium which is probably the only commercially pure titanium you may have had contact with, but only because it's used in things like medical implants.

So, unless you're a chemist, work on jet engines/airframes, or are an engineer on a ship, chances are you've never had contact with most other grades.
Titanium sucks for knives. Don't buy this unless you are just into gimmicky titanium shit. It's not hard enough to make a good blade. If you're into the weight savings of ~20g over a similarlly sized steel knife, I might suggest taking a piss before you start your hike or bringing 20ml less water with you. In exchange for this, you'll get a more durable tool that will last longer than you will and will take far less work to maintain.

Possible exceptions:
* You really like shooting fire at titanium and making it turn pretty colors
* You're a saltwater diver and want something that will not corrode. Even in this case, there are highly corrosion resistant steels (H1 is a good one that is used in a lot of spyderco knives). I would still recommend a steel knife. Maybe one with a larger handle. This might be too small to easily use underwater in an emergency.
PSA: The blade is titanium. Titanium is not a great material for use as a blade. Ergo, this is primarily a novelty item.
HRC=50 - is it a joke or misprint? Too low. An average steak knife has at least HRC=55!
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HRC applies just fine. If they listed the Rockwell B hardness, most people would be even more confused since other knives all have their hardness listed as Rockwell C. That being said, I highly question that this is even 50 Rockwell C. Beta-C titanium which is one of only a few truly hardenable Ti alloys can't even reach that high on the scale and usually tops out at about 46.
Agreed. My problem with C-scale is that HRC50 measured on Titanium is not the same as HRC50 measured on steel. Steel would be noticeably more resilient in that case. And I also read about Ti alloys reaching 43-46 HRC at best.
Save your money, I have 2 and the construction is very poor
The Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt is lighter at 0.6 oz and made from H-1 steel that is supposedly 100% rust proof and holds a sharp cutting edge.
I need a pocket clip on my knives, so I’m out on this one.
They had my attention until I saw it was only hardened to Rockwell C 50. I didn't know they even made a knife that soft. You would spend all your time sharpening it. I will stick with my 1.8 oz Leatherman Micra keychain multi tool.
They don't make steel knives that soft; this is the limitation of working with titanium. Titanium is strong, but not hard. Certainly not hard enough to make a good blade.
Pretty sure I've had some steel that soft... Think they were stamped as "Pakistan Steel" lol

But, seriously, this is ridiculously gimmicky. There's no need for a titanium blade that can't hold an edge, I don't care if you are one of these 'ultralight' fanatics... That's a dumb place to try to save yourself an ounce
The folder is seriously lacking in quality. I got mine and the liner lock catches and isn't smooth. Plus the blade is too short for the handle, it disappears into the handle and is difficult to open.
So thinking about this more... it would be really nice to get a knife simply made of one of the new super stainless steels instead of titanium. They’re a LOT harder and at these sizes not much different on weight.

LC 200 N (most Desirably)
bd1n (probably)

Its actually sort of hard to find a reasonably priced normal everyday knife in these materials so that would be a nice drop...
I run in the morning with a similar titanium knife in a neck sheath on a piece of paracord around my neck. It is so light that it won't flop around at all when running, and it is totally immune to sweat or rain. If a dog or coyote approaches I can grab it with either hand quickly. I don't have to unfold it or reach for a sheath. It is well worth the price if you run or wade fish or something like that...
I got the fixed blade one. I was worried about the corrosion resistance of the clip on the knife and rivets of the sheath. I've had the them soaking in salt water for about 3 weeks occasionally taking them out to let them dry. Everything looks good.
I assume this is mostly for pairing with everyones titanium sporks? I don't really understand the niche this fills. You can get a decent knife that only weighs a few ounces more for around this price.

Someone explain this to my simple self. I am genuinely interested, not trying to be negative about the product.
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Heh, is it even sharpened? Looks like a glorified butter knife.
Not sure, honestly but I'm pretty sure it's better than a butter knife. This one is beta ti and it works great!