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how much did this cost?
How much was this drop and what was shipping costs internationally like? I have decided I "need" one of these!!!
Just got mine yesterday. I've sharpened a couple of beat up old knives just to see how well I can do, and I'm sad to say the stones included just aren't fine enough to put a satisfactory edge on. I just went ahead and ordered an 800/1000 stone and will see what kind of difference that makes, but I get the feeling I'll be needing to order the 1200/1600 stone as well down the road. My point is, it's a great device but don't think you'll just buy the sharpener and you'll be done.
I did the same. the 1200/1600 ceramics won't give you the mirror edge either, but the knife will be razor sharp. Got the 5/3.5 and 1/.5 micron strops too and that did the trick.
Having used it a bit now, it's nifty, and it's better than my previous sharpener for some blades (the heavier steel ones that need some re-shaping), but honestly, it's not worth the money. I rather regret the purchase. My 20 dollar sharpener does faster razor edging than this does. Right now, it's only purpose is in edge re-shaping, and really once you do that, you shouldn't have to do it again.
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It seems like a good system with a long learning curve. I use a KME system and it works great, not much cheaper though.
I'd rather see the Edge Pro Apex 4 offered as a drop.
Edge Pro is purely over rated
As a knife collector I'm sure this thing would be a dream come true. Leagues above my Spyderco Sharpmaker for sure, But that Price tag isn't fooling around. Maybe next time if I have more fun money on hand.
Back in December of 2015 massdrop was giving away a set of AKG 812's on head-fi.org. To enter you have to make suggestions for future drops. Here was my response :
"I've been wanting a set of Philips X2's. Would love to see them.
Not audiophile related, but thought I would mention it: I would love to see a product called Wiked Edge knife sharpening system. A pretty cool product."
You guys can thank me now. ;)
bless you, all hail. bless you
After reading Jakes comment I'm not to keen on this system since I have a lot of thin blades like spyderco. I also don't want to spend 1000$+ on everything necessary.
Is there any other systems that are better than the wicked edge that improve on the downsides of the wicked edge as mentioned in Jakes post? I might just stick with diamond stones and strops
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KME will cost me $265 for everything I want for it. What are its downsides? And how does it compare to the wicked edge?
It doesn't have any downsides, it's far more versatile than anything from Wicked Edge the owner will be more than happy to tell you what you need and don't need
I would buy this if it was below $200. Then it would be a FANTASTIC deal!
This is great at getting the correct angle. Amazing product
I'd be interested in the Gen 3 if made available on Massdrop
I think the Gen 3 looks nice as well, and I'd buy it if I needed something for professional purposes, or for personal use it was discounted by about $400+ ;-)
really my only stone that's beginning to wear out is my 100/200. It's also the one that does the most work. All the rest are fine and I don't expect to replace them for quite some time. Just the fact I "wore out" a set of "100/200 grit stones" tells me how much this unit has done for me. Even buying equivalent benchstones, the cost would be the same. I've done many many knives with my unit and I love it. Best purchase ever.
I really like the pro set, including the base, leather strop and Extra Fine 800 Grit + Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones
If only it could sharpen serrated edges.
This appears to be a few models behind current.
I too would like to be sure this is the most current model. It looks like it is the current base model, but people talk about buying upgraded "ball and socket" joints and extended clamps for smaller knives. For the price I hope nothing else is needed besides a base.
This is the current base model, and no, it doesn't include the riser block, the recalibrated base bar, nor the upgraded ball-joint arms with microadjustments. To get all of those upgrades, you'd need to step up to the ProPack II or buy the arm upgrade separately, which also includes the riser block and recalibrated base bar. The low angle adapter is a separate purchase, as well as the stone thickness compensator, the chisel adapter and any other stone set or strop you could be interested in.
The kit includes everything you need to sharpen pretty much any knife you could own; no other purchases are required to use it.
I just freehand to 600 for my working knives with a quick strop on leather (no compound) but for the rest of the knives in the house including my collection I use a compound charged mdf wheel on a cheap bench grinder. Works out to about US$30 including the grinder, cuts like a razor and takes about 2 mins per knife.
If I have to seriously reprofile I use diamond files and drawfile the edge first.
As someone who enjoys sharpening their own kitchen cutlery. I really have a hard time justifying 10x the cost of a nice stone and honing rod. Seems so complex but i get the appeal if you want to sharpen 20 knives instead of just your go to few.
I've had a Wicked Edge for about three years and paid full retail directly from WE. This is a fantastic sharpening system! However, be warned, you'll end up buying more stones, strops etc. if you're anything like me.
I am in the market for one of these, so hoping to get it in a kit and save :-)
Thanks Jake I'm reading and listening....trying to absorb some techniques and instructions. I'll to buy a cheapo to experiment. Thanks guys for helping.
You are correct sir. This is one of several instructional videos from the guys I bought my WE, Oldawan Tools. They have everything, from setting up the system to finding the correct sharpening angle to actually sharpening a knife. It should be a good starting point.
I will risk the ridicule. There are some blades that demand this level of keenness, there are others for which this level of sharpening will be a detriment. I like my razor this sharp, but my EDC buck will take too much abuse and wear too quickly at this level of sharpness. For my buck, I use a couple of stones and then finish with a leather strap that is coated with jeweler's rouge. My daily kitchen knives get the same treatment. Many of my wood tools get a bit more because of the accuracy desired.
I am not performing surgery. I do not need my edges to be 1 molecule thick. But I do want sharp, safe and useable blades. I get these from a bit of practice and a few tools. Stones were about $50, leather strap glued to board was free using the spare ends from other projects and the tube of rouge was not much. You can easily learn the angles and the stroke techniques. You do not need to be a japanese wood workers apprentice for 5 years in order to put a very good edge on most any tool.
By all means, put that laser edge on your drawer queens and fancy collectables, but do something practical with your daily cutters.
Agreed, a working edge is what I put on most of my knives because they are used constantly. Free-handing is a useful skill that every knife enthusiast should learn (and much cheaper), but I grew somewhat tired of the concentration needed to keep a consistent angle (the tiredness level increased as the knife collection increased, go figure... : ) while free-handing.
The total cost of the ProPack 1 and the ceramics would have covered the price of a nice mid-tech, so I definitely won't be doing it again once the stones wear out. So, no sir, you won't be ridiculed... I know exactly what you mean! : )
Hey guys,
I've owned and used the Wicked Edge (WE from now on) ProPack 1 for over a year now. I use it to sharpen and maintain a collection of 27 knives (25 folders and two fixed blades) and it does do its intended job quite nicely. As others have stated, it is a good idea to learn how to sharpen free-hand using whetstones and\or diamond plates, and while I can free-hand rather well, it takes much more concentration and work (for me) than using the WE.
Now, the system being sold on this drop is the Generation (gen) 1 base system, which goes for $299 on WE's website. The Gen1 system can tackle almost any knife you throw at it (I've sharpened seven inch fixed blades with it with no problems), but it does have its limitations. The first is that, even though the Gen1 can, in theory, go as low as 15 degrees per side, its ability to go that low will depend on the knife being sharpened. For example, a Full Flat Ground blade (FFG) like many Spyderco offerings (example, the ParaMilitary 2, the Military, the Delica and Endura, etc.), whose blade stock is not very thick will cause the stones to hit the clamp if you go for 15 degrees per side. FFGs also bring their own problem in that, due to the way the clamp works, trying to stabilize an FFG is doable but requires a lot of clamping force. Using the clamp alone, you'll likely run into the issue of have the blade sway from side to side when sharpening with the stones, changing your sharpening angle.
What most people with a Gen1 and Gen2 WE do is to place a piece of foam between the clamp and the blade to stabilize it and keep it from swaying, but then you have to compensate for the added separation on the clamp by adjusting the arms to keep your desired sharpening angle. Now, in order to fix the issue of not being able to hit 15 degrees per side with some knifes, WE released a Gen2 version of the machine: the only addition to the Gen2 is a riser block for the clamp and recalibrated degree markings on the base to accommodate the clamp's new height. Unfortunately, the kit being sold is a Gen1 without the riser block.
Another issue with the clamp on the Gen1 and Gen2 is that it does not have a free-floating clamping head. The clamp on both generations stays fixed on the left side (does not move), while the right side is the one that moves (closes) when you tighten the clamp screws to secure the knife. That means that, depending on the thickness of the blade being sharpened, you'll have a different angle setting on the right versus the left because the blade is not centered on the machine's true centerline. Again, this can be compensated for by readjusting the right-side arm to keep the angle you want.
For beginners, this variability can be cured by buying a digital angle cube which will tell you, precisely, the angle you are sharpening at. Either that, or use the Sharpie method were you set the angle, paint the edge with a Sharpie that covers both sides and then make passes with the 600-grit stones to see what where you are removing material: you then readjust until you can remove the marker from the entire edge.
The ProPack I cost $425, and besides the stones included on the base system being sold on this drop, it adds the paperstone base (the system being sold here does not include the base, hence the +55 to add it), 800/1000 grit diamond stones, the 1200\1600 ceramic stones and leather strops with 5 micron and 3.5 micron paste. Neither the base system nor the ProPack 1 include the upgraded ball-joint arms with degree microadjustments or the riser block and recalibrated arm base.
This is where the system becomes cash-grabby: buying the upgraded arms with the riser block and recalibrated arm base will cost an additional $149. This is a must if your knives have inconsistent grinds on both sides of the edge. Almost every production knife has a different grind angle on each side, so being able to make microadjustments directly from the arms is quite helpful. A set of 800\1000 grit stones will set you back $70.00, and adding the 1200\1600 ceramic stones will cost another $85. All those stones, unfortunately, will only get you close to a true mirrored edge, because you'll still see scratches from the previous grits. For a true mirror edge you need to buy more strops and diamond pastes with smaller and smaller microns.
With all that said, if your blade's edge still cuts somewhat, you'll only really need the 400\600 stones on the basic system in order to get a very sharp working edge. If your edge has chips or deformities, or you want to put a bevel with a different angle (reprofile), then you would use the 100/200 stones, as they remove a lot of material. Once the stones break in (in my case, I had to sharpen 10 to 15 knives in order to get the stones to cut as intended), you do get awesome results.
There's a neverending debate on whether a mirror edge or a working edge is best: personally, I put working edges on most of my knives for the simple reason that it cuts down on the number of stones I have to use when retouching the edge. Plus, using the 400\600 stones I'm able to put a scary-sharp edge that will easily cut through phonebook paper and shave hair (though not whittle it).
In the end, only you can decide if the WE is right for you. It is extremely expensive, and it becomes even more expensive as you add more stones\accessories. I've always seen the company as cash-grabby: they still refuse to include the upgraded ball-joint arms and riser with the base and ProPack I versions, even though they make using the system better and much more accurate. The small knife\low angle adapter is another $75, a Pelican-style hard storage case is $185!!! (I just store it on a bookshelf). But there is no question that, when properly used, it will put an awesome edge on knives.
Here's a thread started by a WE user on Reddit that further explains the differences between the generations of the machine, their advantages and disadvantages, etc. (https://www.reddit.com/r/knifeclub/comments/3hnny5/planning_on_getting_a_wicked_edge_before_you_buy/). If I were to do it all over again, I would have kept free-handing, and once the stones give out (they still cut great after a year of constant use), I'll just retire it. The results are great, but the cost (both on initial purchase and with the potential to add "accessories") is just too much.
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This is the base model currently available from Wicked Edge's official website (https://www.wickededgeusa.com/product/wicked-edge-precision-sharpener/). It's basically the Generation 1.5 that's includes the hardened steel insert in the right-side clamp (the steel circle on the right clamp in the picture) and better degree indents on the bar that holds the arms. This one does not included the upgraded ball-joint arms, nor the riser plate and recalibrated arm bar. Basically, the clamps are made out of aluminum, and some people warped the right-hand clamp when tightening down with the Gen1 system; that's why the steel insert was added.
Really really appreciate the time you have taken to write your thoughts down. It really helps to have people with actual experience writing this and have nothing to gain from it.
Thanks a lot K-oz, that's exactly what I wanted to know......also your blades are badass......thanks again


Are the stones that come with this package ceramic or diamond stones?
The 100/200 and 400/600 are diamond stones. Ceramic stones have to be bought separately.