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Hi, i just receive mine a couple of days ago, and I really liked, its great, fun, and simple, and of course works great! Im really impress that the constant flow of liquid is not interrupted Durinthe writing like other fountain pens, Im very pleased with the pen. Hope you always maintain that idea of "keep it simple", Congrats to every body in WinkPen, you nailed! (and I love the presentation of the product in the gift box).
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thanks to you and your team for make that amazing pen, love the concept, love the impelmentation and I just want to say "keep the good work! ;-)", its clear when you seeit the care and atention to the details that was put on the product.

And remember you had a lot of very happy customers who really like the WinkPen!, so please let us know when you had the next edition! like many, Im still sad for not been able to buy a couple of sets for the more artistic members of my family :-(

wish you the best!

Thank you Marioo, It is only me that works full time in the company so when you notice the details , it truly means more then you know ! If you subscribe to my emails at , I'll be sure to keep you updated on when the next pen will launch !

In the meantime , if you're a notebook lover , Massdrop just launched my limited run of bamboo notebooks today -- they're paired with Maruman mneymosyne paper :)

Thank you again for the love and support . I hope to always have you as a customer and happy with your products !:)


I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and it's been a fun experiment. Straight syrah came out pretty light, simmered down for about 2 minutes and it was a nice bright burgundy during writing that dries down to a dusky purple. Espresso worked pretty well and also gets darker as it dries/oxidizes.

One suggestion is to get some super fine micromesh from a fountain pen shop. My nib had one side that was a little scratchy and a minute of drawing figure 8s made it a much nicer nib.

This is not what I would say is an everyday pen. Get a Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, TWSBI Eco or similar if you want a fountain pen that just works. This is more for fun, I also like using it with "tricky" fountain pen inks. The ones that have particles for permanence or glitter effects.

Note to Winkpens: I wish you luck in your future endeavors as I'm enjoying this pen. A couple of notes from my usage:
Shorter overall length would be nice as it doesn't fit into standard pen cases/holders/shirt pocket.
Harder material for grip section/cap so the threads are more secure.
Inner cap to protect the nib if the cap gets twisted on too far.
Awesome thank you so much for thorough feedback ! Im constantly trying to refine the nibs and recently added another sanding step with additional micromesh:) I'm also looking at adding some tooling to aid with the consistency when we do the relaunch. Thanks again for the support and i only see it evolving from here
Hi Massdrop community,
I wanted to clarify some things with the design as there seems to be a lot of discussion on the pen and it's intent of use.
To give some background — The idea of this pen first came about when I was working on a concept for a sustainable printer. As an artist and industrial designer, the ability to use alternative mediums was a huge appeal to me as well as having the ability to refill the pen with your ink of choice. (thus reducing throwaway). During the printer project, I was personally inspired to look deeper into the use of organic ink alternatives. Wine in particular at the time was a fun go to option. I'm sure many of us know its staining property when it unintentionally makes its way to your shirt!
With that being said, the branding ‘WINK’ actually originated from just that —‘wine as ink’ however, why limit ourselves there when we could essentially use ‘whatever as ink’. WINKPENS is a very new company and product, we’ve had many manufacturing hurdles and our price point sits high with lower manufacturing quantities, labor and startup costs associated . I am constantly learning and am sure will continue to as WINKPENS works to navigate and figure out its place in the market.
True, the pen does function well with regular inks:) We have customers who use it for day to day writing. (The writing width however is more comparable to a fine tipped sharpie which isn’t always favorable for everyone). The purpose of the design however, was to allow for the versatility of the more creative minded as well. I just replied to a thread below but in case you miss it— The avenues for 'new mediums' are endless with this pen. The best part of this product has been seeing what new artistic directions people are taking with the product. This is an example pulled from our instagram page (@winkpens).

This customers wife (@tiffanyeller ) created this piece using solely coffee, coffee/wine/chili powder, and wine/soy sauce !
In conclusion, this first edition Wink Pen was designed to be a fun pen. An artistic tool to add to your creative arsenal . I understand the day to day writing element too is a very important factor so we are constantly working to evolve the overall writing experience and better the design.
If you’d like to help us as we grow, and do decide to order a pen, I highly encourage you to fill out the survey that’s included with one of the postcards that’s in your product package. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me and I will take all your thoughts to heart as we prep for the company re-launch to happen later this year:)
I love the Winkpen! I have a couple at home , our 2 kids use them and love being able to write with kool aid . Great creative tool!
Awesome to hear! We recently had some kids using food coloring too:) Thank you for your support!
So Ive had the pen for a few weeks, its fun, but until i can find a more viscous ink/liquid, it wont be my go to. WinkPen shouldn't be your only pen, and it shouldn't be your first pen in this price range. I almost just want to get the shimmer ink to see how that plays out.
The first fountain pen ink I ran through the WinkPen was Shimmertastic ink. My wife used my WinkPen filled with fabric dye, and I have got it filled now with authentic iron gall ink. I have used glass dip pens for calligraphy for several years, which takes some practice before you get the hang of it.

I enjoy making ancient-looking maps, such as the ones from the Victorian and earlier periods, by hand and then antiquing the paper. Don't know how many years and reams of paper I have gone through learning how to use tea and coffee for browning paper.

There is an art to using a dip pen, as the lines are not always identical in width or ink saturation. With the WinkPen I can cheat a little bit, getting some of the effects of a dip pen without a lot of the dip pen mess. I have been fooling around with recreating 12th-century style illustrated tomes, so that is a whole new skill set.

If you enjoy fooling around with old-style writing instruments and do not mind a bit of a mess while learning, the WinkPen is a fun tool. However, if you are frustrated easily, don't like to tinker with your writing instruments, and are allergic to ink smears - might want to look at another pen.

I would not say that the WinkPen is a pen for daily use. I would not add a WinkPen to my bag for EDC. I have enough fountain pen ink stains in my bag; no wonder the monastic orders wear dark clothing. Those who look at the WinkPen only for daily use as a strict fountain pen I believe are missing some of the purpose of the WinkPen.

Yes, you certainly could use a WinkPen daily - I have heard there are some who do. However, in my experiences so far, the WinkPen would not be something that I would immediately choose to write with. If I am in the mood for some serious writing or have a marathon writing session planned, the WinkPen is not the pen I would be looking for.

If I want to screw around with ink (or other fluid), paper and some manner of a pen, and DGAF about a mess, then the WinkPen is a tool added to my collection for that purpose. Just be prepared for a mess until you get the hang of it, don't wear your Sunday best, and have fun with it. Kids (under close supervision) really get a thrill out of a pen that will take nearly any liquid with a thin enough viscosity.

Designed by an artist, the WinkPen is purposely created to broaden your choices of writing ink. The components of the WinkPen are almost impervious to most caustic fluids, which is why I filled mine with iron gall ink first chance I got. I have found that getting the viscosity correct takes some fiddling and the learning curve can seem steep.
I imagine if you've never held a glass dip pen in your hand, dipped it in REALink, and had to struggle with THAT - you'd not be able to think forward to what a big writing disappointment this is likely to be . . . not to mention the potential of a freeflowing mess. Just check the writing sample given. Wine looks remarkably POOR on paper; makes a very unrestrained line (probably regardless of the paper quality).
Buyer beware. Really: BI-R-B-WARE.
This pen was a colossal disappointment. Red wine came out looking like pale pink water. Filling the pen left ink or wine or whatever I used inside the clear barrel but outside the converter and since the seals are rubber and not tight, whatever you use ends up on the grip. I wrote to the designer, she said 'boil the ink' to make it more viscous. I'm a writer who loves wine. Not a chemist who wants to jump thru hoops to write with wine. What a disaster.
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Just another picture with and without more wine on the nib
I used a red French Bordeaux that was dark enough to be called 'inky' in the glass. On the page, it was pale pink. When it dried, it was pink pink. It worked fine with regular ink. But wine was a bust. I'm glad you are having fun with it. I'm a writer. Who loves red wine. Not an artist or dabbler. This pen, for my uses, would be a novelty... not a 'dip' pen I can load with wine. Different strokes... You also have a good evening!
Just got my Wink pen in the mail. Can't wait to start playing with it.
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The Wink pen was purposely designed by an artist broadening what fluids you could use as writing ink. Coffee, wine (part of where the name comes from), tea, fruit juice, and whatever liquid writing ink you fancy all run through this pen. My Wink pen is full of authentic iron gall ink for a few days now; something that I would hesitate to do with a typical fountain pen.
True, it very well does function with regular inks:) The purpose of the design however was to allow for the versatility of the more creative minded as well. The avenues for 'new mediums' are endless. The best part of this product has been seeing what new artistic directions people are taking with the product. This is an example pulled from our instagram page (@winkpens).

This customers wife (@tiffanyeller ) created this piece using solely coffee, coffee/wine/chili powder, and wine/soy sauce !
How durable its nib is? Does it's tip shatter occasionally while writing?
We havn't had any trouble with the nib breaking due to writing pressure yet. The nib is fragile due to its glass nature (if it were to drop right on the tip it could break). We do use a borosilicate glass which is a bit more durable then regular glass. The pen's surrounding pen parts aid to secure the nib when writing, and the cap also to protect it when it is not in use. If you were to ever break a nib however, do know we sell the nibs as a standalone item (you can email me directly about this. ) Our goal is to add the nibs to our online store soon once we have more consistent inventory on hand.
What's the width of the thinnest stroke you can achieve with the Winkpen?
I believe I just talked to you via facebook :) but writing width is comparable to a fine tipped sharpie. You can also get a bit of line variation with pressure and speed of writing