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WOLF Heritage Watch Box

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I'm in for the third one I should have received a few months ago from the previous drop. It'll be nice to have a place to store all of my watches, and a few spaces left over for future purchases.
I chose the 4-piece + valet for its extra protection.
I think the ribbon is killing the display, Windsor seems a better option.
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Do you have a 38mm watch to see if it will be loose?
With an SKX013.
There are foam domes on the flap, so watches don't get loose.
Any chance of dropping the one with the drawer?
I'm waiting for the 10 watch / drawer box.
Did anyone else order multiples of an item and not receive the complete order? I ordered three of the 10 watch boxes, and only received two, even though I got three separate emails notifying me of shipping, all with the same tracking number.
I've already opened a CS claim with Massdrop.
Well, I at least got refunded for the missing unit. Unfortunately, I have no place for my Vostok collection other than their original boxes for now. Probably just buy same from Amazon instead...
Are the pillows adjustable, my wrists are 6.5" and I don't want a pillow that will stress and stretch my watches straps and bracelets.
I do not think so, but they are tiny. The pillows are really small. I do have 8" wrists through.
bring back the other watch boxes pls...
yes please, I am waiting for the other one with storage
Where are these boxes made?

This is critical information for determining the cost of the item once shipped to Canada with duty charged. Current Amazon.ca price is $72.20 CDN, free shipping, free returns.
@tguy: This box is made in China. I bought this exact same box at Amazon.ca 6 months ago and I paid $64.25 CDN. Massdrop price of $49.99 + $23.25 shipping to Canada totals $73.24US equivalent to approximately $93 CDN. In top of that you should have to pay GST, provincial sales tax, duties and brokers fee for a grand total way over $100 CDN. It does not worth it. The problem is the very high shipping fee to Canada that add 46% to the cost of the item. At least at Amazon.ca it is being shipped for free in Canada.
Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Looks like I'll be purchasing from Amazon. Though there's no need to rush and perhaps I can shop around for something better.
The 8 watch box is sold by Wal-Mart for $45. Save $5, takes 4 weeks to get to you? Sometimes I really don't understand these "deals."
Shipping kills it.
I have owned this box for a while, originally purchased from Amazon, it's a great product considering the price.

Can fit very large 55mm watches, I'm sure it can even accommodate larger!

I would definitely purchase again.
I specifically dont want a box with a view. The five piece box appears to not have a viewing glass. Is this correct?
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I've been looking for the same.
Literally took 2 seconds to find this out on their website... yes, no view window.