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WOLF Meridian Valet Stand w/Pen Drawersearch

WOLF Meridian Valet Stand w/Pen Drawer

WOLF Meridian Valet Stand w/Pen Drawer

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Store Your Pens in Style

Your collection of pens has grown big enough to deserve a purpose-built home, but you'd like to keep them near the other items you carry regularly. The solution lies in the WOLF Meridian Two-Drawer Valet, a beautifully crafted storage option that’s perfect for any serious pen collector. Featuring an open top tray for everyday carry items, a versatile top drawer for accessory storage, and a bottom drawer with two trays made just for pens, the WOLF Meridian Two-Drawer Valet is designed with enthusiasts in mind.

Note: At checkout, you have your choice of wood finish between Black, Blonde, and Burlwood. Black and Burlwood are lined in black silk, Blonde is lined in silver silk. 

WOLF Meridian Valet Stand w/Pen Drawer

Construction and Design

Capable of holding up to 24 pens, the Two Drawer Valet boasts a solid wood frame, veneer finish, chrome hardware, and silk lining to keep your pens safe from marks or scratches. For added convenience, the Meridian Valet Stand features a charging station in the top drawer and a recessed top tray that allows for stacking other pieces from the WOLF Meridian Collection, making it the ultimate storage unit to fit your individual needs.

WOLF Meridian Valet Stand w/Pen Drawer
WOLF Meridian Valet Stand w/Pen Drawer

"WOLF: Handmade for a Lifetime"


  • WOLF
  • Wooden frame
  • Chrome hardware
  • Silk fabric lining
  • Charging station
  • Recessed top tray
  • 15.5 x 6.3 x 8 in (39.3 x 15.9 x 20.3 cm)
  • 176 oz (4990 g)


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