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Wooden Yarn Bowl

Wooden Yarn Bowl

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From Sandy Lucas, Knitting Community: “This is a beautiful, unique way to hold your yarn and keep it clean while working on a project. The collared design prevents yarn from jumping out and getting tangled.”

Mango Wood Yarn Bowl

A useful tool for knitters, crocheters, and weavers, this mango wood bowl keeps your yarn in place as you work. The spiral opening allows the yarn to unfurl at a steady pace and the three holes on the side give you a place to rest your needles when taking a break. Featuring a collared design that prevents the ball of yarn from jumping out, this bowl has been highly polished to a beautiful, snag-free finish.

Note: This drop is limited to 95 units.

Wooden Yarn Bowl
Wooden Yarn Bowl


  • Susan Bates
  • 100% mango wood
  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 6 in (9.53 x 15.24 cm)


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Estimated ship date is May 23, 2017 PT.

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