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Wooly Board Bundle

Wooly Board Bundle

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From Sandy Lucas, Knitting Community: “This wooly board is a great way to block sweaters and can also be used to dry a sweater and help it keep its shape. Lacis also manufacturers high-quality knitting swifts and yarn winders.”

Sweater Blocking Made Easy

A useful knitting tool for blocking sweaters, this wooly board—also known as a jumper board—is a fully adjustable hardwood frame that collapses for easy storage when not in use. It features independent adjustments for the waist, shoulders, arms, and neck, which can be made by moving a series of wooden knobs and pegs. Once the sweater is in place, the sleeve tension can be adjusted using the screws on each side and the neck width can be adjusted using the neck guide. For more information, see these assembly instructions. Along with your wooly board, you’ll also get the Carrie basin: a versatile 24-liter container for keeping your yarn stash organized, carrying craft projects, and more.

Wooly Board Bundle
Wooly Board Bundle
Wooly Board Bundle


Wooly Board

  • Solid hardwood frame with clear coating
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Independent adjustments for waist, shoulders, arms, and neck
  • Waist: 12–62 in (30.48–157.48 cm)
  • Shoulders: 24–62 in (60.96–157.48 cm)
  • Arms, close to body: 19–25 in (48.26–63.5 cm)
  • Arms, at the cuffs: 4–24 in (10.16–60.96 cm)

Carrie Basin (Orange)

  • 24 L (1,465 cu in) capacity
  • Handles
  • Beveled edges
  • Fade, frost, and UV resistant
  • Child and food safe


  • Wooly board
  • Carrie basin (orange)


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