WR Case Pocket Knives: Navy Blue Jigged Bone Familysearch

WR Case Pocket Knives: Navy Blue Jigged Bone Family

WR Case Pocket Knives: Navy Blue Jigged Bone Family

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I saw this and dug out my Case Trapper. I don't know if it is different, but the blades on my knife are clearly hollow ground and still very sharp. My handle has a native bone color handle coverings and is still tight and beautiful in spite of the years of use. The pointed blade is etched with "tested xx razor edge". Since it is the larger Trapper, I always used a belt scabbard since I considered it a little large for pocket carry. IMHO, on very nice knife. When I worked in the mountains the preferred knife was two bladed. One was kept razor sharp and the other was ground less acute for the grunt jobs.
Feel free to correct me if im wrong, but some seem to be cheaper on Amazon(With much faster shipping). I will point out that the logos on the side of some knives seem to be different than the drop, but I am not entirely sure how that affects things. Also, some items are sold by "Knife Company" rather than Amazon. I am mainly looking at the "Tru-Sharp" blade and handle material here, price comparisons and links are below to save some effort:

Format = "Blade: $Amazon Vs $Massdrop"

Mini Copperhead: $40.10 Vs $39.99
Tiny Trapper: $44.79 Vs $39.99
Texas Toothpick: 36.37 Vs $38.99
Mini Trapper: $40.43 Vs $41.99
Medium Stockman: $41.41 Vs $43.99
Trapper: $41.88 Vs $44.99

Do with this information what you will, have a great day!
How does this steel compare to an entry-level steel like D2?
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Appreciate the input. Yeah D2 is the "lowest" steel grade I'm willing to go for a pocketable blade. But since I'm a relative n00b didn't know how it compared to CSS here. I'll keep moving along as per your advice.
D2 isn't half bad if it's done right. Imo, save up and get either a paramilitary 2 or para 3 from spyderco. best edc choice for the price
Where does it made, USA?
Which one has the longest blade?
The lowest price is about $2 cheaper than a case blue bone trapper I just ordered and had delivered within 2 days. It's an outstanding knife.
When are we going to see the CV blade option on Massdrop?
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I would love to see grey G10 and CV blades. Perhaps a custom Massdrop exclusive?
I'll second this. I love traditional folders, but the G10 products that Case puts out are excellent modern takes on a classic designs.
I have a bunch of the Case knives like this, and they can be habit forming. I don't think I will use the spey blade as designed, but it is handy with the more blunt tip for other uses too.
Even though this is not a premium steel, for the overwhelming majority of users it fully sufficient. Small knives rarely needs uber super steels as they are used to cut things that are relatively soft, like paper, string, packaging, etc. A positive side effect of these common steels is their ease of sharpening. With care, you can get a great edge in a few minutes.
I did a previous Case drop for a Mini-trapper with a wharncliffe and clip point blade. It has virtually replaced all my Benchmade and Spyderco blades in my EDC. It's non-imdimidating and just as useful, and it just looks awesome. I'm going for the Texas toothpick this time, because I want something smaller for dress up occasions.
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Just checking around, it seems it's similar to 420HC or 425M. Both good at 56-58 Hardness. It's not a premium steel, but my case knife has retained a good sharp edge after a lot of day to day cutting and use. No signs of discoloration or corrosion after a half year of daily use.
Keep in mind that Buck blade steel is 420HC. Its all about the heat treat.
These are pretty solid knives. Nice to see some "gentlemen carry" knives mixed in with all the "tactical" designs that seem to be in vogue now.
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