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Anyone know when this is shipping? Mine still has an estimated ship date of Feb 27. It's now March 8..
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Thank you!!
Just got mine today. I ended up with red ink and the an extra fine Loom. My first nice fountain pen so i'm pretty happy. I know a lot of people were not happy with extra fine but extra fine is my preference. Hopefully you get your box soon!
Just got mine. I was happy that I got the pilot parallels, because that's the option I was really hoping for. I priced this pack out at Goulet, and it was USD63 without the gel pens, ~$16 at amazon. So ~79 of product for $55. I'm happy with it. Maybe not as amazing as previous ones, but I am not upset.
Complete waste of money. Don't get it.
Somehow, I managed to pay $100 Canadian for something that i could buy around me for $60. ? It's one thing for a $55 box, plus 12$ shipping. But thats US and that is my fault for not checking that before I checked out. But then an extra $20 for COD, and not only that but they did not attempt to deliver it, they just brought it right to the local delivery centre, which is not close.
So, did they change this Mystery where it came with more fountain pens before?
I'm looking at previous comments and they all have three pens instead of only one.
Was it a different price or the same one?
I think the very first mystery box was $50, and it was awesome. I was so glad I got in on it, it sold out fast! I can't even remember all of the box contents but it was well worth it! The past two, hard pass for me personally. Not nearly as much and no guaranteed fountain pen.
I'd consider joining a 'Writing Box' drop, but without the mystery - and probably pay a bit more for that privilege. If Massdrop was to offer a pen choice, paper choice, and ink choice combined in a single drop, this would suit me. Fountain pens, paper, and inks are all typically best acquired based on personal preference and not by throwing dice at the wall.

Give me a Faber-Castell Loom, a lined Rhodia pad, and J.Herbin's Lie De The or Poussiere De Lune ink and I'm in. Ask me to throw the dice to possibly acquire these, and I'm out. I have zero need for a Pilot Metro, and zero need for pink ink.

Note: These opinions/feelings are my own - yours may be completely different. I'm good with that. For those that make the leap, enjoy your surprise package.
FINALLY got my tracking number.
Just got mine, Faber Castell LOOM, rouge ink, g-tec 10 pack and Rhodia graph paper. All in all pretty happy.
still awaiting a tracking number

my first son weighed 8 lb 10 oz - 175, lean and mean now
Thank 8lb, 10oz Baby Jesus- I got a tracking number today!
I got my drop today:
3 Pilot Metropolitans in different colors
Pilot converter
Large lined Rhodia pad
Pilot G-Tec C ultra fine gel pen set
J Herbin poussiere de lune
I’m cool with it.

Thanks again!
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Hey, just curious- how much was this when you purchased it?
They've been $49.99 each time.
Hi all,

I've looked into the delay, and it looks like we're just waiting on the last of the inks to get to our warehouse. Per the vendor these should be ready to ship within the next few days, and we'll work on getting these out asap after they arrive. The rest of the items in this mystery box are ready to go, and we're taking steps to prevent these sort of delays in the future.

Sorry for the delay here, and thanks for your patience!

Zeired Quinn12
About two weeks past the ship date, and still no update. I understand delays happen, but when you have other people's money tied up in it, giving them an update here and there would be at least a courtesy.
This was supposed to ship on 10/17 after being delayed. STILL waiting! this is the 3rd time I have had to wait MONTHS for a MassDrop order. Your vendors need to commit to a delivery time.
I'm betting they got too many responses and had to buy more b/c I'm assuming mystery boxes are to get rid of inventory.
Not only that, this is at least the second time that MAssDrop has been less than helpful in the communication department. I'm pretty sure it was the writing group last time it happened to me too.