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xDuoo Nano D3 Digital Audio Player

xDuoo Nano D3 Digital Audio Player

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Hello guys! I'd like to ask other xDuoo Nano D3 users if you experienced bass interference and distortion while listening with EQ setting: Bass or Jazz? I notice something like this with my one and I'm very suspicious about this device. Can you guys check this out with yours pieces? Take music with good bass, turn EQ into Bass or Jazz and let me and others know. Thanks a lot and I cannot wait for replies! Cheers

of this device
hello, i´ve recently bought D3 nano, but i want to update the firmware which I downloaded on the xduoo site, anyone knows how to do it?
RTFM included with the firmware update... steps are included there
So will this thing play FLAC files or is it still being discussed ? The specs and many members say yes. Also, where's a good place to purchase music on the net ? I've used I tunes in the past, and hated it. Too much security i.e. passwords, which I could never remember. And it seemed needlessly complex. I felt like a dummy.
D3 can play FLAC files.

You can find the detail right here, https://www.xtenik.com/xduoo-d3-lossless-music-player-dsd-256-coming/.
I own both this and the Hidizs AP60 MKII, which is on Amazon for $115 when you also buy their $15 earphones and use a coupon ($130 player + $15 earphone - $30 coupon). What do you get for the extra $40? A player with gapless playback, menus and buttons that work as expected, Bluetooth connectivity, ability to be used as a transport, OTG, in general a product that feels finished and not just a work in progress, delivery in a few days. What do you get with the $75 for the D3? Rather decent sound, decent display, a basic player that does everything necessary if you are a song listener. That is that you use random playback and just listen to song after song. The lack of gapless playback won't be noticeable. You do want to make sure that you have the latest firmware to prevent the first few seconds of songs being cut off.
can you compare between the two players in terms of sound quality?
which is better?
I saw the deal as a bundle, you don't have to buy the earphones separate. Do you know what earphones are included with it? It doesn't specify.
probs a stupid question but can you download audible to this and listen to it?
No, not really something you can download apps to. If you could turn your audio books into audio files they may work (haven't tried files that contain hours of audio), but that's it. It's a very simple device.
Again no FM Radio! SMH I don't care if it's not a high resolution audio source. These manufacturers need to throw in FM Radio with these higher priced devices. That is why I still don't own a higher end DAP. I'll keep sticking with my Sansa Sport Clip.
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For me DAP+ DAC+ decent buds is a must.
Onn X5 may be the DAP you're looking for then if you want FM Radio. Costs only like $45 on Gearbest.

Honestly I don't think putting an FM module will cost much, it just depends on whether or not the OEM wants to.
Couple of questions:
1) Can you navigate (next/previous song), play/pause, without having to turn on the screen? (ie it's playing back but the screen is "sleeping")
2) Is the 250 mw output per channel?
3) How does the DAC and amp sound compared to other daps?
4) Echoing earlier question, is USB OTG-capable?
64,000 lossless songs on 8GB? Stated not just once but twice so you know it must be true.
hope rockbox will work on it...!
Rockbox is not working on D3, but you can try X3, or maybe next month X3+.
hope Rockbox will work on D3...!!
I received mine yesterday. My initial impressions were "what a piece of garbage" and I can't believe Massdrop is selling. I've trusted Massdrop before so I thought I'd get something reasonable - at least halfway reasonable for $75. Then again this my first entry into a dedicated lossless music player. At least I know still want such a device.
I updated the firmware to 1.2 and got my FLAC, MP3, M4A. All worked.
Did not retain track order in folders. So that really sucks!

EQ presets are terrible except for the Bass Boost one. Not amazing, but useable. Can't tweak EQ.

Sounds reasonable good. Then again that's probably the FLAC-ness :)

Small - feel just a little to small

Is it worth buying? No. Save up and try a different brand. I'm gonna save for a Fiio.
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the M3s looks sick. No Android but I'm honestly debating whether I even need that anymore. It would be nice but that m3s has Dual AK Dacs, Dual crystal oscillators, and a 4way amp circuit... that should sound clean!
Yeah it's a nice player! I'm really happy with it - especially in that price range.