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XDuoo X3 Digital Audio Player

XDuoo X3 Digital Audio Player

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I have this player and have it rockboxed. I started a thread on how to rockbox it here, it is an active thread and there are lots of people to help there:
It also works great if you have an AUX port in your vehicle.

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Looks good, I will have to see the price although it should be fairly affordable.
Actually here is some newer info, with a $120 price point:

Are the buttons made of aluminum alloy as well?
Feels like hard plastic.
Great player, shipping charges eliminate any price advantage!
This is on Ebay (New) for $69.75 with the same delivery time as Massdrop basically.

is it genuine player?
Has anyone tried using SDs larger than 128GB on this?
I'm currently using one 200GB and one 256GB microsd card and they both work perfectly.
I'm looking for a higher performance DAP but small and thin (the smaller the better). The X3 seems a little chunky. I'm considering the Cayin N3, the SONY Walkman A series NW-A35, the Astell & Kern AK Jr. and the Hidizs AP60 (even though I'm not sure that it's much better than the Fiio M3 that I own). Any performance endorsements of any of these or others that may fit my requirements?
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I have the Cayin N3 and it's a mixed bag. The controls are infurating. I picked it because of the Bluetooth so I basically use it in my car. It sounds great and drives all my IEM's no prob. I just hate touching it.
Other people have criticized the N3, as well..........same with the Xduoo X2 and AK JR . I have yet to have a negative review of the Shanling M1 so I'm leaning toward it.
Mine failed after 2 months. Massdrop will not provide any warranty and it appears to be hopeless chasing XDuoo. Why does MD peddle crappy wares that neither they nor the manufacturer will back up? Is there enough anger for a class action lawsuit?
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did you try the reset button?
yep running into problems as well Left side of every earphone/headset i try doesn't work...Tried massdrop for replacement nope no luck been trying to contact Xduoo for past week only to be seemingly ghosted
Really curious, those who have installed RockBox onto it, how well does this work? What headphones are you driving with it? I'm looking at driving ~50 ohm or less, anybody have around 50 ohm headphones? How does it handle that?
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Well the x3 has a 250mw power output to drive your cans/IEM's, so that's a lot of power IMO! My FiiO E11k Kilimanjaro 2 HP Amp has a 450mw rating, and then my new Sony Walkman NW-A35 only has like a 30-60mw output, which won't be capable of driving so many different options like cans/IEM's! The higher the mw power output, the louder your listening options will be!

I'd like to get this just to test/comp it against my Walkman, and to see if I still need the FiiO E11K HP Amp to drive my cans & IEM's, because that's a pretty good power output on the x3 IMO!
I have Sony Walkman NW-A35 and IMHO X3 incomparably better.
Would the audiophiles here recommend something like this for a guy who's stuck in CD-land but has been meaning to upgrade forever? I skipped the whole iPod thing. I don't like the idea of having all my music on my phone. I want lossless files and might even convert all my CDs (or my faves, anyway) to transfer them on a portable player. I'm just overwhelmed at all the options.

What's a good sub-$400 player for a guy who wants to have say 500 CDs' worth of music available in lossless format?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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I would say it depends on your needs and preferences to sound signatures. I bought a used Cayin i5 that I absolutely love. It's got some quirks (like not being able to cache my 320kbps songs from Play Music correctly to the onboard storage, and some UI frustrations) but does have wifi, Bluetooth, Play Store access and sounds pretty awesome with my headphones and IEMs. It has no problem reading my 128gb microSD (biggest I've got right now) with 4000+ mp3s, flac, etc. I like warm, musical sounding audio gear, while a lot of audiophiles claim that accurate music reproduction should be true to the recording which can translate to cold and analytical. I want to enjoy my music, not analyze it. And I'm no advanced audiophile by any means, but my preference is bassy and warm. I'd suggest reading up on all the DAPs in your price range (including even a used LG V20 phone with the quad DAC that can be had for less than $400 these days). As an android phone user and fan in general, I try to stick to DAPs that build on Android and allow Spotify, sideloading apps etc. Again, depends all on what you want in a DAP whether it's music only or one that can stream Bluetooth, etc.
Rockbox fix the problem of interface effectively which is not a pleasure.