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Yaqin CD3 Tube Buffer

Yaqin CD3 Tube Buffer

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Could this take the place of a pre-amp in my turntable setup?
No. It's not a preamp, just a tube section.
Is this true bypass?
Hi, I'm wondering if this can be shipped to Calgary, AB Canada? If so, how much will the shipping cost me. Thank you very much.
a·nath·e·ma /əˈnaTHəmə/
1. something or someone that one vehemently dislikes. "After spending gobs of money on her rig, the idea of spending even more to intentionally decrease transparency in the audio signal path was anathema to her." :-) (I couldn't resist)
What's the point of the note at the end about the choice between the 115V and 220V models at checkout if the device has a voltage switch on the back panel (according to the picture)?
Probably comes with cables with different wall plugs...
You're right. It may also come installed with a proper fuse.
Has anyone tired this in a bi-amped setup? I have a pair of power hungry Tannoy, and it needs some pretty hefty amplification to sound good, powered by an Integra multi channel amp. The system sounds for the most part great, but still sounds a bit robotic at times. Curious on people's thoughts.

The Zizo
I have bi-amped Tannoys. I installed the buffer between the source (cd player) and the preamp in. Works fine. BTW, try to find matched Westinghouse or Sylvania 6SN7s.
Thank you for the suggestion
How would this compare to tube amplification? I would prefer people's opinions who have actually tried this product, or a similar buffer. I understand that it distorts signal and is added circuitry etc., but so are guitar pedals, and while many aren't great, some are able to produce great tone benefits.
See my earlier head-fi comment and thread. The effects are subtle but noticeable if your familiar with your gear, don't expect guitar pedal level effects.
Path- solid state>tube buffer>speaker.lol !
*Source>tube buffer>amplifier>speaker
I contributed to a thread on head-fi years back is anyone is interest in details about this unit changing tubes and modifying it. http://www.head-fi.org/t/469109/yaqin-cd-tube-buffer/30 I still own it.
Can it be used as pre amp with Headphone Amp ?
Yes, these are popular for adding some warmth to solid state headphone amp setups, which as you probably know, can be fairly harsh and unforgiving compared to the loudspeaker setups people are used to.
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