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Yaqin MS23B Stereo Tube Phono Stage

Yaqin MS23B Stereo Tube Phono Stage

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was hoping for MC compatibility, but that's probably too much to ask at this budget price.
LOL $51 USD to ship to Canada? Thanks but no thanks Massdrop. That's a ripoff.
There's a Canada-based ebay seller that deals with Yaqin.(Not sure if it's ok to post links on the discussion board.) I think price ends up being close to this but with local warranty.
I'm in. This is another one of those things I've been meaning to get for a long time... yet I never had the patience to shop it out.
I'm curious if you guys are ever considering a drop for any of the yaqin integrated tube amps. Also, have you heard of silk audio? They're a us distributor for yaqin and they replace all the output capacitors in their models with solen polypropylene equivalents. You should see if they'd consider working with you guys.
Anyone know how this compares to a Schiit Mani?
I can't believe these aren't selling. I have a tube rolled one at home and its really very decent. Admittedly its ugly but its easy to remove the tube cooler. Also very moddable, caps replacement first.
User reviews from various forums seem to be pretty positive in regards to this little guy. I still wish there was more info or reviews out there from some larger/trusted audiophile publications, but it's so cheap I'm considering joining just to test it out.
What is the weird part in front that goes up and over the tubes? The tubes already have the isolation shields.
Appears that it is just an additional protection measure for the tubes, I can't really think of any other reason for it.
So glad to see some turntable specific items on here! FINALLY :D

Not very familiar with the brand though, after some searching found that this is easily attainable on Ebay from US and Chinese sellers for the same or lower price, after the shipping here (that basically brings it right back to the starting price) it's sadly not much of a deal.

Would love to see the Pro-Ject Tube Box (S), or even dedicated non-tube phono stages like the Music Hall Pa1.2, Music Hall Mini, Project Phono Box, or the Rega Fono Mini for budget phono preamps. Something affordable and quality by a trusted brand. This could be great, but I can't find enough on it to really know. The shipping time is actually quite quick though, and i WOULD rather buy it from this drop than on Ebay from someone in China just because of MD's customer service (which has always been great in my experience).
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The stock MS-23 will not even come close to matching the PH-5, however once modified to the "LesBox" standard and I'm using all Telefunken NOS tubes I figure I'm in it for around $800 and yes, it smoked the PH5 using a reference $100,000 system consisting of VTL, Audio Research, Wilson Audio, etc. It could not touch the PH-7 or 9 though. Perhaps your nose is just a bit out of joint and doesn't smell things correctly anymore? LOL
Thanks for the reply, good to know!
Dang it is purty.
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