Yaxi Ear Pads for HD25, M50X, K240 & Moresearch

Yaxi Ear Pads for HD25, M50X, K240 & More

Yaxi Ear Pads for HD25, M50X, K240 & More

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So i finally received them today :

Initial impressions are that they're very soft... comfort is a no brainer. Packaging is very professional and much better than Sennheiser's original packaging.

I have not had these long enough to note if the sound has changed or not (i can't tell too well sound changes with just ear pad rolling anyway).. also cause I'm still enjoying my recently received 6XX and hardly off my ears these few days.
Ugh. Can't believe I missed this by 2 weeks. Just last week, I started looking for Yaxi pads for my HD25's ... bummer!
what is the thickness measurement of the MSR7 compatible pads (ST Pad2) please?
2 cm
Please introduce your much more recognized hd6x0 pads instead of these... please, bring some real stuff for your first M***drop release...
Yes, we definitely will do that. Thanks for you advice!
Thanks! Your hd6x0 pads are best of the best. I hope the m50s are just as good!
Is HD25 Leather in black or red "genuine leather"?
No. it is made of protein leather, a high quality synthetic Leather. and we don't use any gunuine leather in all of our products.
I've been using the hd25 pleather for a couple of years. Don't negatively impact the sound and are more comfortable than the stock amperior pads.
The stPad2 looks interesting. IF ONLY THERE WERE DIMENSIONS.
No Porta Pro pads?
Sorry,not this time
Any idea when portapros will be offere?
Wonder if one of those will fit my ATH-A700 ?
Sorry, not one
Can the HD25 pads be used on Grados?
(assumption) if the stock pads can transfer, I dont see why not.. if you know the answer to that it should solve the question.
No, they don't fit
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