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57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set

57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set

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Disappointed-- no; irritated, that on first use of one of these bits, the tip completely chipped off, rendering that bit unusable. Be wary peeps, quality of this product is not so great.
There are clips that hold yet abrade the screwdriver handles and that is the reason that occasionally, rubber will flake off the handles.

To fix, shave off the barbs of the clips using a sharp knife such that there remains enough tension to hold the handles in place.

By doing so there is less of a chance of the lid refusing to close when the screwdrivers aren't seated completely. If you force the lid to close, a hinge will snap off (ask me how I know).
Hey everyone, Happy to report that all the orders from the drop have been shipped out! Thanks again for the support guys, and please feel free to share your experience of the Screwdriver Set with the rest of the group afterwards. If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at support@massdrop.com.
Hey everyone, Our shipment of the screwdriver set has landed in the US as of 4/12, and it is waiting to clear custom at the moment. Depending on how quickly our order can be released from the US custom, we should be able to have these shipped out very quickly after that. I'll update again once it's in our warehouse.
Hey everyone, Now that the holidays in China is over, we have just been informed that our order of 57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set has been shipped out. We have already alerted our warehouse staff about this shipment, so we should be able to process the bulk shipment upon arrival, and repackage them into individual orders before shipping them out to everyone very quickly. We are expecting to have these out to everyone within 24 hours after the shipment arrives. Cheers!
Hey everyone, We have just submitted our order of 150 of 57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set. Massdrop is a platform that helps members within the community shop together at wholesale pricing. It’s pretty incredible that we managed to get 126 people in this drop within the 7 days it had been active. Now that the bulk order has been placed, our vendor is preparing the order for shipment. In the meantime, we will also be preparing our warehouse to handle the reshipment of the product to everyone as soon as the order arrives. We are just waiting for confirmation on the shipment schedule from our vendor now, we will be sure to update again here once that’s available. Cheers!
ouch shipping
What is the brand? Please no ifix garbage.
It looks to be Jakemy from the third picture in the description.
is the small driver the type where you have to screw the ring tighter to hold the bit?
I have this but i got it on dx.com cost me 12 bucks but it's a little different. less pieces and only the large handle included. is a great little driver though! feels great in my hand. the case this one comes in looks a little nicer too, if that matters at all :)
Why is it that sometimes Massdrop has sales on items that have steep shipping to Canada? I mean $13?
Correct me if i'm wrong , but this is the same set , is it not?
+7.71 shipping kinda steep, no?
there's another listing on ebay for $18.18 + free shipping, and ships from CA
After researching 4mm precision driver kits with all the "security" bits I took the plunge on iFixit when they did discounts at Christmas. Got a iFixit 26 set for $5 & iFixit 54 set for $25. Better investment than these generics IMHO despite price. Sugegst watching iFixit for a discount rather than go with this.

I've heard the ifixits are cheaply made tools from China. Is that not true?
Most everything is made in China, cheaply being a relative term. Sets I got from iFixit seem well built and iFixit is there to back them.
I have a similar set that I got cheaply from China. While I cannot recommend the set I got, I can speak on the ergonomics of the 1/8 (smaller) screwdriver.

As a computer repair technician, I turn screws all the time, so having a well-proportioned screwdriver makes the difference. A smaller one you can turn faster, whereas a larger one gets more torque. Combining the two is difficult, but works quite well here.

Depending on your grip, you access different parts of the screwdriver handle. in one grip, your fingers are placed on the thinner part, and you can go quickly, but moving your hand up a little (for more downforce, to prevent cam out with Phillips screws) places your fingers just about right on the larger "bump" there, for more torque.

I can't comment on the durability of the bits themselves, or the quality of the larger driver other than to say: I will be buying two, if not three.

The bit choice could be a little better: for example if one wants to work on Apple notebooks, one should have two sizes of tri-wing (I only see one and I think it may be too big) as well as a torx T4, T5, T6, and T8. I'm not sure if T5 is available here. The 5-pointed bit looks like it should work on apple pentalobular screws. I'm not sure if I'll ever use all those slotted bits and the spanner, though.
So, I've been using this set for years for building computers and fixing knives. We've been listing all of these 3D printer kits that you have to build yourself, and I decided it was time that you guys had a decent tool to do so with. I probably use the smaller driver 3 - 4 times as much as the larger one, and the way you describe grip is exactly the reason why.
too bad