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Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)

Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)

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Brand New Bearing & Finish

We are proud to be the first to offer the all-new responsive version of Yomega’s Glide yo-yo. Built with a wide, lipped gap, this yo-yo is easy to catch on the string for entry- to mid-level string tricks and combos. With a silicone-pad return system and responsive ½ Spec C ball bearing, it spins long enough for any trick in your arsenal but also promptly returns when called. The Glide’s gap is perfectly contoured for a finger too, which makes it easy to throw clean, balanced sleepers. Available in a few never-before-seen colorways and a handful of classics, the responsive Glide is a bright addition to any yo-yo collection.

Note: At checkout, choose between Red w/ Yellow, Black w/ Red, Gray w/ Red, Red w/ Chrome, Black w/ Green, and Gray w/ Orange color options.

Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)
Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)
Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)
Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)
Yomega Glide YoYo (Responsive)

Color Options

Gray w/ Orange
Red w/ Yellow
Gray w/ Red
Red w/ Chrome
Black w/ Red
Black w/ Green


  • Yomega
  • Material: Anodized aerospace-grade aluminum
  • ½ Spec size C bearing
  • Gap Width: 4.14 mm (.163 in)
  • Width: 43 mm (1.7 in)
  • Diameter: 57 mm (2.25 inches)
  • Weight: 68 g


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Estimated ship date is Feb 5, 2017 PT.

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