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Yomega Ooch Yo-Yo

Yomega Ooch Yo-Yo

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Signature Throw from the Face of Yomega

The Ooch is professional player Brett Outchcunis’s signature yo-yo. As the affable face of Yomega, Ooch designed his yo-yo with a plastic shell and metal rims to add weight for longer spin times. This butterfly-shaped yo-yo is great for learning anything from beginner to advanced string tricks. The bearing offers lengthy sleepers so you can combo from trick to trick with ease. It comes semi responsive, but can easily be upgraded to non responsive if you want to swap out the bearing.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice between blue, green, and red.

Yomega Ooch Yo-Yo
Yomega Ooch Yo-Yo
Yomega Ooch Yo-Yo
Yomega Ooch Yo-Yo

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  • Yomega
  • Material: Plastic with metal rims
  • Response system: Silicone rubber pads
  • Large C bearing
  • Width: 38.77 m (1.53 in)
  • Gap width: 4.25 mm (0.17 in)
  • Diameter: 54 mm (2.13 in)
  • Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)


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