Yomega Ticayo (2-Pack)search

Yomega Ticayo (2-Pack)

Yomega Ticayo (2-Pack)

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The Ticayo: A Fun New Challenge

Similar to a Kendama, this new ball-and-catch skill game presents a whole new set of challenges for players of all levels. Great for passing the time, impressing your friends, or just for fun, it originated in Mexico and is now made in Germany from hardwood. Both sides of the toy have a slender rod for catching the wooden ball, as opposed to the Kendama, which has just one rod. This creates a world of virtually unlimited trick potential. Each comes with a display stand.

Note: At checkout, choose from the following colors for each Ticayo: black, blue, green, natural, and red.

Yomega Ticayo (2-Pack)
Yomega Ticayo (2-Pack)
Yomega Ticayo (2-Pack)

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  • Yomega
  • Material: Hardwood


  • 2 Ticayos
  • 2 display stands


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