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YoYoFactory Eight8Eight

YoYoFactory Eight8Eight

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Modern Metal YoYo

The YoYoFactory eight8eight is the most popular metal yo-yo in the world. It’s an unresponsive, modern performance yo-yo designed with aerospace accurate precision and triple bearing Hubstack technology, for smoother tricks and competition level performance.

YoYoFactory Eight8Eight
YoYoFactory Eight8Eight
YoYoFactory Eight8Eight


  • YoYoFactory
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Dual textured 6061 aluminum
  • Silicone response system
  • Triple bearing Hubstack technology


  • Large Spec bearing
  • A replacement axle
  • YYF belt clip yo-yo holder
  • 5 polyester strings


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Estimated ship date is May 18, 2015 PT.

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