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Yulong Sabre D18 Reference DAC

Yulong Sabre D18 Reference DAC

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Was thinking about going with this, until I scored a sweet deal on a V200 and V800 for $1000 ;)
I have a Emotiva Stealth DC-1, how does it compare to this in sound quality?
To my ears, the emotiva stealth dc-1 sounds about $400 cheaper than the yulong d18. The money graph confirms my ear test. :P
Another async USB bus interface option is the Peachtree X1.
There is really no reason to buy a DAC without a USB in this day and age
Actually, there is no reason to buy a high-end DAC without a USB to SPDIF processor in this day and age. So a DAC without USB is OK as long as it has coax input. Then go get yourself an Audiophilleo, Off-Ramp or HiFace.
Yulong's DA8 has a proprietary USB interface and DSD capability, but it lists for $1,200. There is a less expensive, stripped down version of the DA8, which I probably shouldn't mention here, that uses the XMOS USB interface that is a common solution for newer DACs.
A "reference" DAC that isn't purely neutral? What does the word even mean, then?
No USB input is a deal breaker for me. Good DAC though.
good price for usa with free shipping.
you can find it cheaper
Great price at 559. Too bad I'm broke.
The dac chip is EDD9018??? Are you sure?
Thanks for your post! The product description correctly stated an ESS9018 as per the manufacturer's page


The specs section typo has been corrected.
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