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I received the speakers about a year ago and now the active speaker is muffled and produces little to no sound. I've reconnected all the cables multiple times. What else can I do?
KantoLiving, wanted to ask a general question...
Have a nice PC motherboard with better than average on-board audio. Unfortunately, like most who try using on-board audio I hear a pot of high frequency interference. Using Optical in, it is non existant, but these speakers sound so much better using the RCA and 3.5 inputs. Do you reccommend running an external DAC, and if so do you have any favorites? I know this isnt a defect, as I have tested several devices that do not have this interference. P.S. I also paired with Kanto Yuri sub, couldnt be happier. This was a generous discount, thanks for the business!!
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Using a ground loop isolator via 3.5mm / RCA will get rid of that noise. Personally I'd just use optical, not sure why yours sound that much better using analog inputs, I haven't encountered that before. Are you sending it a 24/96 signal?
I am in-fact at 24-bit/96KHz, and I believe the RCA/3.5 outputs to be amplified off my motherboard DAC differently than the Optical output. I just haven't experienced this problem before... Forum users have suggested RF interference from wireless perripherals (I do not have any wireless accessories), bad grounding issues (I don't see how that would be possible), and cables may be culprits (I have tested the factory and premium cables, same issue). After reading more, I found this to be a common issue because the motherboard causes electrical interference. I feel that this is why DACs are the popular option over even sound cards, users want to separate audio processing from "the box" all together. The easiest fix is just to use the Optical output, I'm glad I picked a motherboard that has Optical output elsewise I would be going the route of USB DAC.
Ok..... massdrop contacted me and said these speakers have no warranty. I am goong to try and contact Kanto.
It's pretty clear you received a defective speaker, we'll be replacing it.
Thank you.
So for my one working set they sound a little boomy or maybe slightly resonating with the cabinet im not sure if that is what it is or not but it sounds slightly off. The rust is an indication of moisture so im wondering if the cabinets might have gotten moisture in them and that is whats causing the issue? Does anyone else's Yumis sound a little boomy?

So far not at all impressed, I ordered two sets and feel like I received 70% or less of a set.
I just got my two sets of yumis one set seems ok although the bolts on the back panel are slightly rusted. The other set the terminals for the right chanel out are sheered completly off.

Also the passive speaker looks like it has some glue onthe driver cone.

Went over the first set that is functional besides the little bit of rust the one port looks like the tube started to unravel. Not sure what to think at the moment about this set the other set is entirly a paper weight since its terminals are sheered off.

Got my Yumi's about 2 weeks ago and they have been great, except that the remote doesn't always work. For about 2 days I couldn't use the remote for any function, and then suddenly it worked. Unfortunately it's gone back to not working. Tried a few different batteries with no resolution. It's pretty annoying because I switch inputs and volumes quite often, and using the knob isn't the best experience.
So I have been wondering why is the Yumi only able to go down to 60hz? Most products on the market with the same size 5 inch driver can go down to 50hz. So is this limitation due to something coded into the software of the unit or some sort of resistor constraining this or is this simply the limitation of the driver itself? For instance the audiengine a5+ has a smaller box and same sized driver but goes down to 50hz.
Well i see that the tracking information was updated. Problem is I only see one tracking number with the weight of only one set while I ordered 2 sets. Shall I expect a second tracking number latter?
Check at the bottom of the UPS page to see if there's a second package / tracking number. UPS sometimes nests secondary tracking numbers under a master one. Email us with your Massdrop order number / tracking number if you want us to check into it, support@kantoliving.com
Thanks for the tip i found the second tracking number =D
Received my YUMIs a couple days ago and i love them. Unfortunately my remote does not work :( I tried new batteries tonight but no luck. What course of action should i take to get a replacement?
Sorry about that! Contact us directly and we'll send a replacement remote, support@kantoliving.com
Well i got my dayton sub 1200 in yesterday that i plan on connecting up to these but i haven't gotten my yumis yet =(
Matte White Yumi's came in this morning and I couldn't be happier. The volume on them is great, the clarity is great, the bass is better than I had expected, and they look gorgeous. I have a small desk and thought I would have to move to a larger one once these came in but they fit perfectly on either side of my monitor. 10/10 great purchase.