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Zeal , any chance the next Zeal60 drop will have USB C?
No plans for Zeal60 thus far. Custom kits with a custom Zeal PCB will feature USB C though.
Placed order at the end of fucking October and today I’m informed (after the fact) by support that my order has been cancelled because they don’t have enough (never mind that it was supposed to ship in a handful of days). Then I check here and see that they’re running the drop again. Seriously go fuck yourself sideways massdrop. Thanks for the $10 “store credit”. Eat a dick.
If I could get a 75% board like this... The stuff of dreams I tell you
want a tenkeyless of this as well!
I just wish they would make it to where we could put an arrow cluster on the bottom right.
this pcb pricing is not even worthed, whats the plus? RGB??!!! SOLDERMASK??!!! come on, really...if its a case or one of those kailh switch hot swap thingy, than i get it but this??!!!
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I have a R2 and it is definitely my favorite board when matched with Zealios and Zeal stabs. It's like butter.
I don't think PCB has anything to do with the smoothness but Zeal stabs are actually really nice.
Is this worth the price?
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If the upcoming Zeal65 will be compatible with M65-A, I will be forever grateful. :)
It would be a nice match.
What is the major improvement between R2 and R3?
As far as I know the r3 has a different connector that is gold plated, usb mini b I think.
Custom gold plated Mini B
PCB uses a black material so the exposed edges are all black.
awesome looking pbc...just don't know if i can go without my dedicated arrow cluster.. i know it's a fully programmable board.
so the arrow cluster is basically any key cluster you want it to be.. but that would involve pressing a key to switch to a certain level that has the arrow cluster.. like the tada68..but with SMD rgb leds ;-)
All these zeal drops but still no zealios im thinking they're going to be in one of the next drops this week for sure since zeal is still having their GB
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The thing about the Zeal buys is the shipping. Not great, but acceptable if you're ordering a ton of stuff; pricy for single set of switches.
I see. Thanks :)
I'd like to use zealios in a build in the future so hopefully it does drop on Massdrop eventually. I would get in the GB but I don't need them now so I'd rather wait.
Am I right in saying you can't have dedicated arrow keys on this?
Correct. At least not in the traditional sense, in that the right side bottom row only has mounting positions for (4) switches, and wouldn't work the the usual upside down "T" configuration, where you would need (5) 1u sized keys at the bottom right.

You could always program those 4 bottom keys to be your arrows, but you'd need to find 1.25u arrow caps, or use blanks.