ZealPC Rev3 Zeal60 RGB LED PCBsearch

ZealPC Rev3 Zeal60 RGB LED PCB

ZealPC Rev3 Zeal60 RGB LED PCB

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Perfect color match!
So I'm in the market for build my first board [price doesn't matter] and I wanted to know how this board compares to others like the GH60 Satan, GH60, Sentraq s60x etc. I'm new to the whole custom scene but doing lots of research before buying.
Is it me or does that stabilizer installation look a little wonky? Looks like the switch is mounted on top of it.. Someone please explain.
Any possibility of a future revision having support for a 2.25/1.25/2.75 split spacebar? ūüôā
I love this pcb but would be absolutely perfect with split spacebar support.
agree on this! no split spacebar is a deal breaker for me.
Another fantastic PCB designed by Wilba, so you already know you are getting something worth having just from that detail.

I have this PCB in my X60 and it is quite good. You may have to jump a few pads to get the lighting to work how you want it (very easy), but programming it is easy fast as, so that is a huge plus compared to a lot of PCB's. For the right builds where lighting is meant to be the center point, you can't really do better than this.

Is it $50-$70 better than other PCB's on the market? Personally, I don't think so, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great PCB still.
PCB only?

Dayumn that's a premium...
I want TYPE-C
Any plans to upgrade the interface from micro B to type C in the near future?
Is there any way Zealpc will produce a 60% PCB that allows for an arrow cluster? Thank you. Zeal
Unlikely as that would result in non-standard left shift, and the alphas wouldn't be in their normal positions. You could always program the bottom right alt/ctrl/shift/menu/win to arrows though. We have the Zephyr 65% kit for a "proper" arrow key'd build.
Or a shortened right shift like the xd64
(1u "<", 1u ">", loose the "?" Key, 1.75u shift key, 1u "up arrow", then either a 1u "?"or 1u "delete"
I noticed that the PCB also has three places, two near the USB connector, and one towards the middle, where wires may be soldered on. What is the intent of these? Could one, for example, wire additional RGB lights to these, so that the back side of the PCB could be lit as well?

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thanks very much for that! I'm definitely more excited about this drop than I was before!
Here's another post with slightly updated soldering points and qmk settings. This way might be better. I haven't done a backlight mod yet though.

No full sized form factor?
ZealPC has only gone up to 65% I believe
Question: why would I buy it here for 115-120$ plus shipping, when the official site has them for the same price (well, technically, 120$), AND it ships in 1-2 days instead of waiting nearly three months?

Shipping is free here. It's $145 on zealpc after shipping and tax. I know because I just bought one a couple weeks ago :/ So it's $25-$30 cheaper here. Although if you buy it on massdrop you have to wait a couple months. Zeal overnights orders from his website. I got mine less than 24 hours after placing the order.