Zeal60 RGB LED PCB (Rev 4 with USB-C)search

Zeal60 RGB LED PCB (Rev 4 with USB-C)

Zeal60 RGB LED PCB (Rev 4 with USB-C)

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Would this board fit in the TEX aluminum CNC 60% case? Link: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/tex-metal-case/talk#discussions. I know there are some restrictions with the usb-c not fitting certain cases.
Why are all of the cool keyboard stuff on here all for no numpad? Where are the damn full numpad keyboards?
Why are the layout options so limited? For a premium PCB I would expect to have different bottom row options and especially split spacebar support. This is not enough
is this board make with gold?
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Both sides are a clear soldermask on top of gold plated copper.
That's pretty dope. I thought it was just gold colored resin at first.
sooooooo $115 and not hotswap? Or split space bar? Am I missing something? or is this a brand thing....
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Hey, actually by experience I meant the building experience in general. PCBs like the Dz60 or similar that offer a lot of compatibility tend to have a lot of holes in them, which is why when you actually solder switches you have to be very careful about alignment. But unless you are very anal (I am, lol) most people dont gaf, and would prefer to save in an already expensive hobby. As far as hot swap goes, I'll be honest Im not keen. I used to love the idea of it, and was very excited for my ctrl to arrive, but after actually using it, I can safely say the hot swap is not for me. That goes for both built in hot swap capabilities, and modded (holtites, kailh hot swaps, etc). I say this because most holtites just aren't that good (loose and wobbly) and unless you solder the holtites in (which kinda defeats the purpose of hot swap in the first place, which is to partly avoid soldering) its loose af, and you always risk ripping out the entire holtites when changing switches. Some vintage switches include the popular vint blacks, hirose, nixdorf, invyr pandas (Holy pandas), etc etc. There are pcbs and plates that support alps, I use alps switches in my boards mainly actually. Built with a hasu pcb and a brass plate in the tofu case from kbdfans. The hot swap is definitely convenient if you like trying between the easily available cherry mx, gateron, and kailh switches, but I guess for me I much prefer the flexibility and option soldering provides. And tbh it scared the shit out of me having to rip my switches out of the hot swap. (and I don't like any scratching from the switch puller on my expensive switches lol)
I guess we agree to disagree lol all love though. Here is my Tofu, and I fit bored and made an alligator skin, zombie pin up girl storage bag lol

The first juicy drop I've seen on this site in months.
So why is this so expensive then other pcbs ....what makes this more expensive/ worth the price
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I don’t think the world of this. Wouldn’t buy one. If I liked rgb I would be all over it though. All the traces are gold plated. Hot swap sockets are not premium to me. Sockets wear out the more you switch. Don’t forget crushed switch legs. I know what kind of switch I like. Like you said it’s a feature common on low cost boards. The only reason I mentioned it is because someone else brought it up in comparison.
Does it support an arrow cluster, etc. Most cheap chinese pcbs show the layout possibilites nowadays, why can’t Wilba or Zeal add that feature, render a couple of layout photos so that it’s easier for eveyone to understand the possible layout choices. Is that too much to ask, it’s the most expensive 60% pcb on the market.
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This is boloney talk for a swiss cheese guy. Nothing wobbles around on my dz60 builds pcbs. They are sturdy and perfectly fine. so please save that “nobody likes” for another forum. I asked a pointed question and got a swiss cheese comment.
Depends entirely on the pcb in question, the particular layout selected, as well as the plate used in the build. Just because you've had success doesnt mean swiss cheese pcb's dont cause problems.
The Gold is sexy, I'll give it that.
What is the profile of the LEDs? Will this fit in a Tex case with the supports/ribs? I've had issues with B.face LEDs hitting the supports.
The leds are under the switches so there's no interference with the supports. I had one in a TEX acrylic case for a while
For someone who hasn't been following the Zeal board closely, can anyone define the differences between the previous revision (the purple one) and this one?
It's a color change. Gold top and black bottom. Other than that it should be the same from what I can gather.
I have a purple one now and I kind of want to get the gold one just for the color because it fits my build better x)
Edit: I forgot it's updated to usb-c now instead of mini usb
Zeal60 Rev 4 uses a USB-C connector. It may not be compatible with cases that have a small cutout that can only fit a USB mini-B connector.
Perfect color match!
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revo one?
So I'm in the market for build my first board [price doesn't matter] and I wanted to know how this board compares to others like the GH60 Satan, GH60, Sentraq s60x etc. I'm new to the whole custom scene but doing lots of research before buying.
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I believe it's custom when you can pick all of the parts involved.
I believe MD should make an "unsubscribe" button for posts
Is it me or does that stabilizer installation look a little wonky? Looks like the switch is mounted on top of it.. Someone please explain.
Any possibility of a future revision having support for a 2.25/1.25/2.75 split spacebar? 🙂
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agree on this! no split spacebar is a deal breaker for me.
For $115 you would think this is already a possibility.
Another fantastic PCB designed by Wilba, so you already know you are getting something worth having just from that detail.
I have this PCB in my X60 and it is quite good. You may have to jump a few pads to get the lighting to work how you want it (very easy), but programming it is easy fast as, so that is a huge plus compared to a lot of PCB's. For the right builds where lighting is meant to be the center point, you can't really do better than this.
Is it $50-$70 better than other PCB's on the market? Personally, I don't think so, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great PCB still.
PCB only?
Dayumn that's a premium...
I want TYPE-C
Zeal60 Rev 4 uses a USB-C connector. It may not be compatible with cases that have a small cutout that can only fit a USB mini-B connector.
Any plans to upgrade the interface from micro B to type C in the near future?
Zeal60 Rev 4 uses a USB-C connector. It may not be compatible with cases that have a small cutout that can only fit a USB mini-B connector.
Is there any way Zealpc will produce a 60% PCB that allows for an arrow cluster? Thank you. @Zeal
Unlikely as that would result in non-standard left shift, and the alphas wouldn't be in their normal positions. You could always program the bottom right alt/ctrl/shift/menu/win to arrows though. We have the Zephyr 65% kit for a "proper" arrow key'd build.
Or a shortened right shift like the xd64 (1u "<", 1u ">", loose the "?" Key, 1.75u shift key, 1u "up arrow", then either a 1u "?"or 1u "delete"
I noticed that the Rev 3 PCB also has three places, two near the USB connector, and one towards the middle, where wires may be soldered on. What is the intent of these? Could one, for example, wire additional RGB lights to these, so that the back side of the PCB could be lit as well?

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thanks very much for that! I'm definitely more excited about this drop than I was before!
Here's another post with slightly updated soldering points and qmk settings. This way might be better. I haven't done a backlight mod yet though.
No full sized form factor?
ZealPC has only gone up to 65% I believe
Question: why would I buy it here for 115-120$ plus shipping, when the official site has them for the same price (well, technically, 120$), AND it ships in 1-2 days instead of waiting nearly three months?
Shipping is free here. It's $145 on zealpc after shipping and tax. I know because I just bought one a couple weeks ago :/ So it's $25-$30 cheaper here. Although if you buy it on massdrop you have to wait a couple months. Zeal overnights orders from his website. I got mine less than 24 hours after placing the order.
So I would need to get this + switches (like whichever purple ones) + keycaps (like Ducky PBT) + an enclosure? Then, if I wanted a numpad, that would be an extra $40-$60? Is that correct?.. So I'd essentially be looking at likely $350 or more for a full size keyboard?.. Ridiculous...
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I totally forgot about the GK64. Kinda limited to one layout though (not to mention north facing switches), and Typhoon wanted a full size anyways.
Yeah, unfortunately for my purposes, I don't want - I need all those things :/
Does this support arrow cluster layout? Thanks! @Zeal
You can map the bottom right shift/win/menu/ctrl as an arrow cluster if you wish, but no native 1u arrows available in the 60% form factor.
Thanks boss. Waiting for the 65% pcb drop or R2 Zephur!
lol he's selling them for 120 on his site too guys. Zeal is the man and has good shipping dates already. I doubt having massdrop involved will slow him down, but is it worth the risk?
Well if I'm buying a new keycap set, it needs to go on a new keyboard, isn't that right?
Is there any word on whether a 65% pcb will be available (on its own)? I've seen zeal post (on reddit i think?) that the 65% pcb is for zeal kits only (not purchasable on its own) but i'm not sure if that means the 黑金 PCB only or if all/any zeal 65% will be kit-only
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eep 🤑
Wow thanks! Definitely interested
65% PCB will be nice.
What case is pictured here? Specifically pic #7?
Duck Poker.
Thanks Zeal!