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Zebag Wine Bottle Carrying Case

Zebag Wine Bottle Carrying Case

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What's the bottle dimensions this will fit? Will this fit wide Champagne or Chardonnay bottles? Skinny and tall like Riesling?
I'll use this for my cat.
given as gifts....alll three people love them and use them regularly. no issues reported to us.
Shipping to AU stings. Was actually after something like this for family trips.
You have to be a special kind of moron to buy this shit.
I joined the Dec 2017 drop for this item. Instead of shipping me my wine carrier, Massdrop shipped me a Sierra Designs Mountain Guide Tarp intended for Christopher G in Newington, CT. I have Christopher's full name and home address, because Massdrop included the packing slip with that information in the erroneous shipment.

As soon as I discovered that Massdrop shipped me the wrong item, I sent them a polite email informing them of their error, offering to return Christopher's tarp, and requesting that they ensure I get the wine carrying case I ordered. But Massdrop is refusing to send me my carrying case because they say they have no idea who they shipped my item to, and they ordered the exact number of items for the drop, so they don't have one to ship me. Apparently, in addition to being too incompetent to put the right address label on a package, they're also too incompetent to be able to order an additional item and have it shipped to me. This is especially galling because they tell me they have an upcoming drop for the same item in a couple of weeks. I would like to return Christopher's tarp to Massdrop, but the address label they provided me doesn't include the cost of UPS picking up the item. I'd send it to Christopher directly (I do have his address, after all), but Massdrop refuses to refund my order until they receive the item they wrongly shipped to me. So either I spend the time and expense to take the package to some UPS location, or I lose the money Massdrop collected from me weeks ago and then failed to deliver on.
I get that mistakes happen. But when you make a mistake, you need to make it right. Apparently, left to their own, Massdrop has neither the skill nor the integrity to honor the order I placed and paid for. Instead, they're relying on me and whoever they sent my package to to recover from their f***-up.

Massdrop, and particularly Massdrop's "customer service," SUCKS.
Son's A Bitches!!! I would be outraged too. I'm finding more and more items on Massdrop daily that you couldn't give me, let alone take the risk of buying through them when a lot of times it's the same price or cheaper elsewhere. Sorry that happened to you, hope you get someone there who realizes how much they're screwing up by being beholden to a ridiculous policy when the mistake is theirs to begin with. Now if they only purchased an exact number for the drop and you joined the drop how is there not one extra?
I've been using mine for a little bit from the last drop. Very eye-catching (red color) and everyone I show really likes it. It does have it's flaws since the main velcro patch just below the handle feels like it can come undone sometimes under heavy load; however, there are 6 other (smaller) patches of velcro that are giving support as well. I usually put 3 bottle of liquor/wine in the slots and fill the other slots with cups, flasks, bottle opener, drink mixers, etc. Overall, I really like it, but glad I didn't pay full MSRP.
I received Zebag today. The idea is interesting, but the quality of the product is not very good. In particular, material quality and fabric quality and sewing are not good.

I need a Roly Kit!
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