ZEKE Assorted Funky Dress Socks (12-Pack)search

ZEKE Assorted Funky Dress Socks (12-Pack)

ZEKE Assorted Funky Dress Socks (12-Pack)

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I'd read where these are the only socks Donal Trump wears to the office any more...
Definitely passing on these. Massdrop, you're going to lose credibility by offering substandard quality socks for a discount of only $0.08 per pair!
I prefer ZKANO brand - organic cotton, made in a traditional mill in Alabama, super styling from subdued to "Hey DUDE!", different weights from sport to dress and they wear like iron. Cost more, though...but you get what you pay for :)

Socks for women and kids, too.
I've put holes in them after a single use as well. I'm a size 43/44 (10) and these are tight.
It is terrible set - the listing says 72% cotton ...... it is 98% polyester and 2% spandex.
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Does not change the fact that I now have something that I would not want. I would never have bought it f it where not 72% cotton.
Take it off the site

Cheap polyester socks for 1 dollar off ? Why do I come to this site again?
Why does MD think that regular people can't just go to DH/ALI.
Amazon has them for $24.99 not much of a deal here..
got these and love them
Looks like a lot of bad reviews and only 2 positive ones regarding quality... Can anyone else speak to this?
Got mine and these are cool. Great price too.
Cheap Chinese socks - save your money and buy a pair of Chup socks
These are dress socks...Chup are knit and likely wouldn't fit for most dress shoes. As far as dress socks go, are these at least average?
Man, yeah, these are terrible. Felt thin but I used them anyway and had holes in both after a single day of use. Not even going to give away the rest.
You get what you pay for certainly applies in this instance. They feel cheap and not particularly comfortable for a full day's use. I don't expect them to last very long but they were $2 a pair so it's hard to complain.
2 bucks cheaper than ebay but shipping puts em over that
info states that fabric is 72% cotton, 23% polyester, 5% spandex.
But actually it's 98% polyester and 2% spandex.
Exactly - I bought them as a good ideal only because it was 72% cotton. Rip off,
$19.99 on Amazon Prime and free shipping.
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these designs
Just because they are different doesn't make them better.