Zero Tolerance Rexford Flipper Knife w/ ELMAX Steelsearch

Zero Tolerance Rexford Flipper Knife w/ ELMAX Steel

Zero Tolerance Rexford Flipper Knife w/ ELMAX Steel

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Damn, I just got mine in s35vn I was really hoping for ELMAX

Edit:7/2/18 Massdrop refunded me $50 which is nice and all but the false advertisement still doesn't inspire much confidence. The allure of Elmax was the only reason I joined this drop.
How do you get an adjustment on the cost? Got s35vn also.
In the drop-down menu on the upper right of the page (where your picture is at) select "Transactions", then look under the "delivered" tab. On the ZT transastion you'll see where you can click on "contract support". They got back to me in a day and gave some options. I wish this hadn't happened but they made it right.
Not Elmax. This is lame. First the Spyderco Native 5 and now this. I'm 0-2.
Can I get a refund for false advertisement?
Yeah just got mine, NOT ELMAX, s35vn. Ive had several bad transactions with massdrop ow in a very short period of time after shopping here for about 2 years. I really don’t understand what is happening. I’m actually really pissed, don’t advertise a lie. That’s money out of my pocket.
Knife received is S35VN, not ELMAX. Disappointing to say the least, considering this was advertised as ELMAX. I'm waiting to see how MASSDROP makes this right.

6/29 UPDATE: MASSDROP made it right by me. I got a decent price adjustment on the S35VN knife that makes it a good deal. Sure, I would have preferred the ELMAX I thought I was buying, but I'm fine with the one i got at the price it cost me.
I missed this by 1 day.. Is there a way to get into a drop after it has finished..Massdrop support?
I certainly hope this is Elmax steel as advertised.
If it's not, they *have to* refund you. They are clearly and unequivocally advertising it as ELMAX steel any other type amounts to false advertising.
One of the best ZT knives ever. Great design and neutral handle.
162.99 on amazon. But low inventory.
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I stand corrected, any who MD is notorious for false advertisement so you can jump on either or and find out which one you really get?
You were right. They shipped knives with S35VN steel instead of Elmax.
Just recreived it. It’s an Elmax blade!
Nope! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I seriously doubt these are actually Elmax.
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It’s an Elmax blade.
So the ones they shipped out were actually made with Elmax? Nice! I'm glad they came through this time.
Too bad nobody can answer the question if we will receive Elmax steel this time, today is the last day for the drop...