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Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter

Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter

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3-Season Solo Tent

When you need more shelter than a bivy can provide but don’t want to lug around a full-fledged tent, there’s the Zero 1—one of the most exciting products from Korean ultralight company Zerogram. Built to accommodate the solo backpacker, this simple A-frame tent uses trekking poles to pare down weight, coming in at about a pound and a half. The tent has two doors, both lined with no-see-um mesh, and measures 6.8 feet long, 3.6 feet wide at its widest point, and 3.6 feet tall at its tallest point. While most of the tent is single-wall, ventilation is improved with a protected foot vent, the two doors and covered vestibule.

Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter

About Zerogram

Founded in 2011 in Seoul, Zerogram draws inspiration from naturalist John Muir and other 19th-century outdoor pioneers. The company’s philosophy is rooted in lightness—both in the way we pack our bags and the way we treat our planet’s resources. As a result, the product line features lightweight, minimalist, innovative designs for tents, sleeping bags, and other accessories. Zerogram takes its name from the idea of zero weight: “Though, in theory, there is no material that weighs nothing, we dream of developing weightless equipment.”

Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter
Zerogram Zero1 22oz Shelter


  • Zerogram
  • Material, floor: 30D nylon polyurethane
  • Material, rainfly: Sil-coated 15D nylon polyurethane
  • Factory taped seams
  • Hydrostatic head, Rainfly fabric : 4,000mm
  • Hydrostatic head, Floor fabric : 15,000mm
  • Length: 82.7 in (210 cm)
  • Width: 43.3 in (110 cm) at front, 23.6 in (60 cm) at rear
  • Height: 43.3 in (110 cm) at front, 25.6 (65 cm) at rear
  • Weight: 22.4 oz (630 g)


  • Tent
  • 6 aluminum v-stakes
  • Tent stuff sack


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Recent Activity

This is fairly old but I wanted to put my new review after using this multiple times over that last year. First off, I am 6'3". I have very little space from my head or feet to the walls. This doesn't bother me since I'm used to be crammed in small areas. I've used this from simple camping trips to through hikes spanning over 3 days. My results varied. the supplied stakes are not good. They bent really easily with tougher dirt so I replaced them quickly. Pros: Super quick setup; works well with telescopic poles. Vestibule enough space for essentials to stay out of the weather. Fit my 70L bag and shoes nicely. Very light and low profile in my bag, I even carried in my side compression pouch to make space inside my bag for other items. Cons: CONDENSATION - I live in California, not a humid state my no means. It did not handle cool weather (20 degree - 60 degree) The condensation built up very easily inside and you end up with wet items and your head when you sit up. (if you're tall). At first, I thought there was enough ventilation but there isn't. You must open the vestibule up to get decent venting. This isn't great when its a bit chilly and you want to keep your heat in. Guy points - Technically there is only one guy out on the top near the taller peak to help keep the shape. Other than that, there isn't any. I would like having a ridgeline guy points so if you wanted, you can suspend instead of using your poles. This is useful for if you set up a base camp then go hiking and need your poles. No loops inside - I love to hang my light inside, I use the zipper to do so but when you need to use the zipper, the light then isn't above your head. Minor annoyance i can fix with a stick on loop. But still, just add a simple loop inside for this please. Overall, was it worth it? I would say yes. It is a very affordable shelter and does the job well for warmer climates. It fits my size which is surprising. I would definitely suggest on upgrading the stakes before taking it out. Would I buy it again knowing these things ahead of time? Probably not, I would do a little more shopping. The condensation issue is a big flop for me. Essentially don't want to use this thing unless it's well ventilated. More of a 2.5 season tent in my eyes. Photos from recent overnight during Thanksgiving.