Zhen VG-10 Damascus Steel Santoku Knife Setsearch

Zhen VG-10 Damascus Steel Santoku Knife Set

Zhen VG-10 Damascus Steel Santoku Knife Set

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I'm new in the "I'm gonna buy good knives" and I would know how do you store your knives?
I have a big drawer with all my kitchen stuff (a verry messy drawer). Should I buy something to "protect" my knives?
For god sakes yes. Throwing knives in a drawer results in chipped knives and cut hands. Two recommendations are either a wooden knife block or a magnetic knife holder. With this type of knife I personally prefer a magnetic knife holder because you can see it and this knife is pretty.
The title says Damascus Steel, but the pictures say Japanese Steel? So which one is it, Japanese or Damascus?
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I haven't had time to watch the whole video yet, but from the little I have seen I don't think your summary of what is said in the video is correct.

Although the terms 'wootz' and 'damascus' are at times used rather loosely (and perhaps sometimes accidentally interchanged) they don't say that damascus steel is the same thing as wootz steel, but rather that damascus steel is made from wootz steel (which was already widely known). Wootz steel is the raw crucible steel and doesn't yet have the pattern that you get in finished damascus steel.

You also imply that damascus steel requires impurities that are found only in ores from a particular mine not far from Damascus. What was actually said was that production of damascus steel requires wootz steel with a particular impurity (Vanadium) and that to their surprise they found that the mine near Damascus was able to provide such ore (so it wasn't only wootz steel sourced from India that was capable of forming damascus steel).

Thanks for posting the video though, it's certainly compelling viewing for anyone who has an interest in the subject.
Meh - I'm typing what I remember from a video I watched ages ago, on the go whilst I walk from my car to work. I don't mean to imply that anyone is wrong and I also don't claim to hold all the knowledge. Happy to share, although I'll be sure to make sure that I'm more accurate on my details in the future. :)
I hand wash all my good knives. It will keep them in good condition and dry them to avoid water spots.
This seems like a great deal. Quick check on a famous retailer puts this set at $40+ with shipping included. VG-10 knifes, folding ones are usually ~60. Again, seems like a great deal.
Correct. Though a lot of people even avoid putting stainless steel in the dishwasher because they can get damaged.
For the record, no steel knife besides stainless are dishwasher safe, right?
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No knife is dishwasher safe because the abrasives in dishwashing detergent dull the edge.
As long as the knives are well isolated in a decent quality dishwasher, ceramic knives are fine. I honestly don't want a knife that can be dulled by soap and water. (I understand that the "soap" in this case is a bit more abrasive than normal. Regardless...)
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