Zhiyun Crane-2 3-Axis Stabilizersearch

Zhiyun Crane-2 3-Axis Stabilizer

Zhiyun Crane-2 3-Axis Stabilizer

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hi, does anyone know when the next drop comes? Because I think there are quite a lot People requesting this item. Regards
Howdy Everyone,
We have extended this drop 1 more day. This will not effect expected ship times.
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This product is shipped by Massdrop.
Received on estimated day of delivery, thanks!
Why is this cannaot be shipped to the philippines? don't tell me this is not legal from my country. Duh!!!
Is this the best and latest model and will it do the A7 III?
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It will work, but doesn’t give any special functions really... focus tracking doesn’t work. You can do all your iso shutter and appature with the little canon cable ”hack” and that helps a bit. But if your in no rush to pick up a gimbal, wait for the ronin s... maybe it might be better?
Thanks for the info!!
Would this work for with the nikon d3300 camera?
Without question it will work with the D3300.
So just confirming... This item doesn't ship to Canada?
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That's too bad... :/ The pricing is so good compared to what I can get here! But thanks for letting me know @Jaysun!
The batteries are loose 18650's which are easy to get. Can you just removed the batteries from the packaging. I know I know, no you can't. Well, you could but you won't. No problem. These are available elsewhere for Canadians.
Hello All!
Zhiyun has released the new POV firmware V1.72 .
Please update your current version V1.7 Firmware to V1.72 to take better advantage of POV mode on your Crane 2.
The link to the update can be found at the bottom of the product description page or right below here: http://zhiyun-tech.com/upload/download-data/crane-2/Crane2_Firmware_V1.72.zip
Originally Posted 02/13/2018
Found it cheaper here for $579.00. Not sure how long the sale lasts. https://www.eglobalcentral.com/zhiyun-tech-crane-2-professional-3-axis-brushless-handheld-stabilizer-for-dslr-and-mirrorless-camera.html
I also did some digging and found a promo code for 1-10% off. Code: VALENTINES After everything it was only $561.63 Free Shipping 4-5 Days
Never ordered from that site before, but I thought I'd take a chance. Other people stand by the site with positive reviews. Won't know the legitimacy until it arrives though. Plus I paid through PayPal, so I should be able to get my money back if I run into any funny business with my order.
I will update this comment if I receive it before the drop ends.
This is not a post to compete with Massdrop, this is simply for my fellow people looking to save some cash.

UPDATE: 02/14/2018 eglobalcentral.com notified me that it is currently being packaged to ship.
UPDATE: 02/15/2018 Received a txt update from DHL this morning that the Crane 2 has shipped and should be delivered tomorrow 02/16/2018! So far so good!
UPDATE: 02/16/2018 DHL sent me a notification that the Crane 2 has been delivered. I will take photos once I get home.
FINAL UPDATE: 02/16/18 The Crane 2 was delivered and works perfectly. Brand New Free Shipping from HONG KONG to California in 3 days!!!! If the sale is still going, jump on it. It was a shot in the dark, but was completely worth it.


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Ok, so I looked it up on the site itself: it is a seller's warranty and not a manufacturers warranty (emphasis added by me)
Please note that all our products are imported goods and will not come with manufacturer's warranty but instead we will cover the warranty through our own company.
Link to the warranty page: https://www.eglobalcentral.com/warranty-policy.html
So it seems like these are Grey market products. In some cases a manufacturer would still grant your warranty claim under their own warranty, but that would be either generosity from their side or sometimes just a mistake if the person handling your claim didn't check the warranty status properly.
For me it won't rule out purchasing from this site, but I will certainly be more careful when deciding which products I will or will not buy from this site.
As they say: caveat emptor
I checked the site the prices are good on there.
How is the warranty situation on international orders? Ordering from Germany.
Oh I guess this isn't an international sale. No option to change the country.
Sorry , the battery prevents us from offering international shipping.
Anyone using this with a Canon 70d? Any issues?
I've seen videos online of this thing holding a 1DX II and 5D IV, so I don't think the 70D will be any problem.
I’m using it with my 80D and Sigma 18-35 and I have no issues so far.
I already received mine! Damn that was fast
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When was your drop? What date?
Mine had ended on the 23 of Jan
Wow, shipped already?! Makes me feel much better about cheating on B&H this time ;)
Are you in the United States? This price has me itching to cheat on B&H myself, Lol
Yes I am. This arrived at least a week earlier than originally advertised. Unfortunately I haven't had time to open it up and play with it yet.
Any idea would the shipping be free to Ireland too?
No, unfortunately not but you can see how much it would be by pre-joining the drop.
Click the "JOIN DROP" and the next page it will show you shipping and if you want to officially join then you need to confirm that on the following page.
We've burned through 3 of these units at work. . . Poorly Made, Cheap Feeling, Cheap Motors. It's a neat trick, but for serious shooting it's definitely not worth it.
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I can say this. Massdrop has sold a few thousand Zhiyun products at this point. (and we just started selling them in 2017) This is the first I have heard of motors burning out. In fact if you look over the drop discussions of the other Zhiyun products on Massdrop the reviews are all very positive. This is pretty much the best product out there without spending ALOT more money.
I have the version 1 Crane and haven't had any trouble with it. Works very nicely, planning to upgrade to the version 2 so I can fly a larger payload.
Hello fellow Zhiyun-Tech fans we are finally able to offer the Crane 2.
Thanks for linking me to this from the other forum. Definitely excited for this one.