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Zippo USB Hand Warmer Power Banks

Zippo USB Hand Warmer Power Banks

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the Zippo hand warmer you fill with fluid is a far better option And they achieve a much warmer feel than any battery will!
I'm still salty about the last drop where they cancelled and refunded and I got raped in fees both ways. They apparently couldn't ship internationally. BS. They just goofed and didn't have a proper shipping quote up.

Just an issue where it was MD's problem, but I had to pay for it. Thanks soooo much for that
Yet another massdrop item that is more expensive than Amazon. The 6 hour is $24.99 here:

Unless massdrop starts to offer REAL deals again i will soon be cancelling my account.
That's the everyday Amazon price. #Suckers
It's the first week in June! What better time for a USB hand warmer? B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!
I mean you had better buy it in June if you're getting it from Massdrop or it'll be May next year by the time you get it
Hey everyone. Due to the Li-ion battery, we are unable to ship the 6hr internationally and those orders will be cancelled at the end of the drop. The 2 hr will ship internationally. We apologize for the confusion and would like to thank everyone who participated in the drop.
Not that it affects me, but I believe you, along with most other retailers, do not properly understand the restrictions on Li-Ion battery shipping. Please see the following links for good general info provided by UPS. Domestic: International:
Can they even ship this to UK ? I had my order refunded last time but don't want to order again if it's just going to happen again.
I think I see why, they've increased the shipping price to ~$25, probably because they're shipping a lithium battery so special precautions have to be taken, I'd assume.
My transaction was cancelled cos they supposedly said they can’t post oversees. There seems to be to such restriction now. Is this accurate? Don’t want it cancelled again!
This just seems like a terrible idea. Lets strap a heating coil to a highly explosive lithium cell and call it a hand warmer.
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It's definitely something to be mindful of, because these kinda things do happen, and you want to mitigate any chances of that happening.

For anyone else who is on the fence about buying one. I'm not necessarily saying you shouldn't buy one, but you should take precautions before relying on the device. If I was to buy it, I would do the following, in roughly this order:

1) Charge it to max, using a trickle charge. Never use a fast charger, or anything that's pumping anything more than 1A into the device. Some fast charge devices now days will turn off the display of the phone because using the phone while fast charging is a bad idea. Trickle charges would prevent the battery from getting hot.
2) Turn it on, the highest setting, and set it in an area that I don't mind having acid all over the place if things go bad. A garage or something. Let it discharge fully. Recharge again afterwards.
3) Test the connections by lightly tapping on the sides, turning upside down, etc. Being careful that if anything is to start happening, you have a place to dispose of it quickly.

Similar rules for vaping really, and worth mentioning here. Use a low voltage/amp charge to the batteries. Don't use it while it's charging (seriously, stupidly bad idea to do this). Charge when you're awake, somewhat away from you, but close enough that if things start to happen, you notice it.

Personally, if I was to consider buying this, I'd google first to see if anyone's done any temperature tests on how hot the battery gets while at max temperature in insulated clothing. Then, to verify it's not any warmer than when charging at a medium voltage (say around 1.5-2.0A). If the battery doesn't get much warmer than that, you should be okay. If it gets considerably warmer, I wouldn't use this device under any circumstances. Luckily this device probably works similar to a vape device, which has built in temperature protection. For example, if I turn my watts up to 250 and hold the button, it will very very quickly heat up, and the device will shut itself down to prevent the batteries from going poof. Batteries are not a laughing matter. A vape shop nearby got their place partially burned down because some idiot put the 18650s in improperly and ended up creating a rocket. Apparently shot one of the batteries into the roof, started a fire and caused a lot of damage to that shop and 2 other nearby ones. Enough so they had to close down for about 2 months while repairs happened to all 3. Seriously bad issue.
logical advice, I just use the old trusted ones with fossil fuels that seem equally as shady to light them like a lighter and then store then enclosed in your fabric pockets. LOL.

I'm assuming ppl like these because of the convenience of them, however the shape doesn't seem to compliment the hand, maybe that's just me though.
Transaction cancelled? Would like to know more
I just got a message saying they weren't able to send mine this time.. I doubt there were too many people joining this drop.. I don't understand why??
I was expecting to get this for "winter" usage :(
Just got my tracking number and it's regular FedEx home delivery instead of SmartPost... what sorcery is this?
Any chance we'll see these early, before christmas?
Got my shipping notification. Awesome guys!