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Zirh Shave Set

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zirh shave products are dope 👍
Hello, I’m getting into wet shaving and I was wondering if this shaving cream would be good for it. I have an Ikon safety razor and a good brush, yet I have no cups or shaving cream. Thanks for the help!
This will work just fine if you're wet shaving. You don't necessarily need a cup/mug to get a good application with your brush. You can work a lather directly on your face or in your hands. Or, do what I do, use an old coffee mug.
Wrong item received. This was supposed to be a good deal with the "Erase" after shave, instead I recived a "Refresh" astringent! Guess winstoda wasn't wrong about the product being discontinued??? Already submitted a ticket to request a refund. There's no way I can use an astringent product.

Hey there, I reached out to our vendor and they are checking stock to send you a replacement.

Apologies for the mixup here.
Thank you, Vincent. I appreciate your assistance!!
The Erase aftershave seems to have been discontinued several years ago... old stock?
Not according to their webpage:

Pairs well with Zima.
Their official website is rather vague about the company’s origins. They seem based in New York City.
If they had deep roots, they wouldn't be here ;- )
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