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ZMF Ear Pads for Fostex, Audeze & More

ZMF Ear Pads for Fostex, Audeze & More

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akg7xx user here. i felt akg7xx has high treble. which earpad can control it better?
does it fit on Audeze EL-8 series as well?
I believe you need the attachment ring for EL8 which is not provided. But then if you got it on there you would use universe.
Why not a better drop price compared to buying direct? Wow, (for the pilot pad) three dollar savings for a 3 month wait... compared to buying direct...
Which are the really big pads as shown being used with the Fostex X00?
For fostex x00 should I go with the ori or eikon pads?
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The photo shows the Ori pads! But Eikon will work as well too and be slightly closer to the original sound sig.
Ok, one more question. Would you happen to know what the Ori pads change in sound? Does it increase bass, decrease treble etc.? I wouldn’t mind a change in sound. Thank you!
ZMF has an accessories sale right now. For only a few dollars more per item (if you're in the U.S.), you can get the items much faster and more selections.
ZMF pads are fantastic i cant reccomend them enough. Thankfully with this massdrop deal you can get great pads at a good discount.
Just ordered Ori Pads and Pilot pad straight from ZMF for 82.97 shipped (2 day fed ex). ZMF has a discount on headphone accessories for November, saved me $15 bucks.
Wow, (for the pilot pad) three dollar savings for a 3 month wait... compared to buying direct...
Exactly.... looking forward to my gear arriving today :-)
No suede that’s what I was hoping for.
Oh man, shipping isnt free...
No Auteur pads this time ;(
Hello, Would like to purchase for Audeze LCD XC, will the earpads include adhesive strips? Thanks. Cheers.
Poor selection this time around.
These or Dekoni pads in terms of quality? Not sure if this question can be answered; how about price to performance? I only ask because I see a lot of people recommending these pads and also ZMF cables.
When will the next drop be available?
Do these pads work with the new Audeze Mobius headset? Thanks!
@ZMFheadphones i planning to replace my stock pads on AKG 7xx, is ZMF suede is almost similar to stockpads on AKG 7xx? For lambskin wise, does it change much on the sound signature, such as the soundstage or the highs? As for the current stock ones, i felt the treble was a little too much for me or certain pitch was too sharp for me. I mostly do gaming and music.
@ZMFheadphones Was there a change in your foam recently? My two previous pads from you feel a lot more memory foam like, and the new ones I got feel much more like stiffer standard foam. Even pads that I have of yours that haven't had a ton of usage feel softer than the newer ones. (I could be having a mental placebo)
My Eikon pads have become very sticky after sweating in them a little bit, and the leather appears to be different from the Auteur pads I also ordered in this drop. Anyone have this experience?
Absolutely comfortable! and great for the t50 mayflower v1


Those look really good with your cans.
Yay, they shipped! Can't wait to put the Ori pads on my HE-400I (will update with pictures when they arrive).
Likewise. They shipped a lot sooner than expected.
anyone know if these will fit the audeze mobius?
can i put this in AKG K7XX? i know that i need to buy the ring from modhouseaudio but the question is if it will fit on it?
Does the Autuer perforated leather fit the M1060?
Also, why no Pilot Pads in this drop? :-(
Is there any way to get the Suede ORI pads in this drop? Like maybe adding a note. I think they are the same price as the others.
I always wonder why there is no alternative pad for Ether series.
Users have used both the ori and auteur pads with good success.
Is there any way to get the Suede ORI pads in this drop? Like maybe adding a note. I think they are the same price as the others. Also, why no pilot pads in this drop?
I bought the cow hides thru the ZMF website and they are awesome with the m40x. So I joined for the Ori lambskins (no holes) and I'll try them on a new pair of t50rp.
Will these fit a razer man o war by any chance?
I recently got the T60RP, love the sound but the pads are just a little shallow for my ears, what would you recommend to keep the sound decently the same but give my ears just a little more breathing room?
Ori pads are great on the t50 - we designed them for our own t50 mod in the Ori!
Thank you!
No pilot pad this drop?