ZMF x Vibro MKII Purple LTD - Massdrop Exclusivesearch

ZMF x Vibro MKII Purple LTD - Massdrop Exclusive

ZMF x Vibro MKII Purple LTD - Massdrop Exclusive

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Looking to sell my pair. Hardly used, honestly, they look like new. Have like, 10-20 hours on them, not even straight listen. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks

Location is South Korea
Id like to buy a pair if anyone is selling?
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I'll send you a message on reddit, but it's a pain to upload images on it. I've taken them with a DSLR. No idea what I was thinking.
Still interested?
Spent some change on a custom cable from
I couldn't tell you that the Vibros now sound better, but they certainly do not sound worse.
I opted for Maroon and Midnight Blue paracord wrapped cables terminated with a Viablue plug. It is a handsome, handsome headphone cable.

I switched to balanced interconnects between my Gustard X12 and Gustard H10 headphone amp stack. The H10 produces more power in this configuration. That additional power seems to provide for more "something" from the bass and mids. It could all be in my head though. The volume dial is now routinely in the 10 am position, instead of the 1:30 pm, that much can't be denied.
How does this compares to the HE500?
Im intersted in ZMF vibro mkii but how much its going to cost On this drop?
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What is your price if u gonna sell it ?
ahmad_aleisa about $350 including the carrying case and shipping? Just a reminder, the stock cable may have problem so one channel's volume is lower than another. I didn't use it for a long time and I don't remember which side has the problem. You might need a new cable for a better experience.
What would be the difference mark ii and the new classic it is not well reviewed but might be a good price point for massdrop
Previously someone noted that the ZMF Vibro do not play well with tube based headphone amps. I'd like to say, these don't play well with my Woo Audio WA3 amp. Listenable at low volume, But after 1pm on the volume knob, there is a lot of audio distorting present.
I'm interested in reselling mine if anyone is interested in picking up a set of these beauties. There's nothing wrong with them, just not fitting my intended purposes. Here's the link:

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Sent via headfi
Hmm, didn't get anything, could you double-check? (axtran)
Welp, they came in. Such a long wait. Listening to my "let's torture the new headphone" track - Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. So far I think the ZMF Vibro are sounding pretty good. The bass is all there and not breaking up. The highs come in very clearly and not sibilant at all. Anyway I'm thinking these HPs will benefit from a little bit of burn-in. Using a Gustard H10 headphone amp, deffo need more power, Sigh I guess I'll be upgrading the stack again, eventually. Got a big smile on ATM.

Oh, they are purple, really really purple. But you don't see your headphones when you have them on your head, LOLs.

Anyone know if an upgraded cable would make much difference? Any suggestions for alternate SE cable?
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These are so great to listen to after burn in! Huge difference to pre-burn in listening. If I get around to it, I'll post an updated review from my pre-burn in review.
Nice!!! They do really "ease" in after some play, they should sound more natural and "easy" with less edge. Thanks for letting me know!
Got mine today... and to be honest? for a 500+ usd product, the build quality isn't up to it. Also, didn't realize that the 4 pin XLR cable would be balanced (can't believe I didn't see that) and therefore, couldn't try them out. I'm not blaming ZMF for the cables of course... but the build quality... yeah. It needs improvement. It's a premium item, so I was surprised by the lack of finish on the wood (it feels rough, like a cheap wooden table) and the stickers for L and R are horrible. I guess I was expecting better. I need to order a new cable... maybe the sound will win me over.
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PS - Also feel free to send us the cable back and email us your address - happy to send you a single ended cable for no cost. Just send an email to
Hi. Thank you for letting me know. I suppose the look is fine. I just wondered if it was supposed to actually look the way they did. As for the cables, it would take too long to get a replacement sent to me so i just ordered one off the net. I'll let you know if i change my mind about the cables. Thank you.