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Zojirushi Travel Mug (SM-YAE48)

Zojirushi Travel Mug (SM-YAE48)

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25 bucks on amazon
I just didn’t need this larger 16oz size so didn’t join the last drop. However, I did buy the smaller 12oz one soon after that and can attest to the amazing thermal retention of the product. 12oz is the perfect size for a single cup of coffee and is extremely portable. And I typically quick-sip throughout the day (sustained release 😉) and keep the lid closed. The coffee is still hot for at least 4 hours and warm for the rest of the day. Simply love it.
i agree with everything this man said... and that is why i dont use it...
keeps my coffee steaming for 6hrs, want some cold coffee put in fridge overnight! and still closer to room temperature than anything.. and just not enough size (12oz).. so i only use it when my 18 oz no name becomes not steaming hot in about an hour or less.. unless it's being washed. but i drink the majority on the way to work (30min commute) and the efficacy of the zojirushi makes that very hard to do.. for someone that drowns in 32oz of coffee a day and 16-32oz of energy drinks a day...
I joined this drop back in December and it has exceeded my expectations! This keeps hot drinks hot for at least 3 hours (Warm for at least 4) but I have not used cold drinks in it.

I recommend it to anyone that drinks coffee!
Anyone know a way to get the coffee flavor/smell out of the silicone bits in the lid?
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Denture cleaning tablets work really well
Now it smells like mint coffee lol.
Hi can anyone tell me if this travel mug is able to be sipped from with the lid fitted? And if that is case , can you usually drink from it without dripping coffee down your front? cheers Steve - Melbourne
I don't have this mug (SM-YAE48), but I have a different Zojirushi mug that has almost the exact same lid (SM-SC60HM). The difference is this one the lid screws into the bottle like a screw into a threaded hole, whereas mine the lid screws on top of the bottle like a nut onto a bolt.

The lid has a convenient pouring spout, which you can also use to drink from. Between the lid and the bottle there is a rubber gasket attached to the lid. When you screw the lid into (or in my case, onto) the bottle, this gasket is designed to wrap from the inside of the bottle, over the top of the bottle (directly between the lid and the bottle) and then over completely over to the other side of the bottle. It COMPLETELY prevents any liquid from escaping between the lid and the bottle. I can try to take a picture to better describe this, but it's quite well designed to prevent spills and drips.

As for dripping due to "pourly" designed spouts, I've never dripped anything from the spout on my bottle.
Good on you Liam, thanks mate I appreciate your detailed answer.
These are great (I have 3) but as WildMurph points out this is not that great of a deal. If you don't have prime and need a travel mug these are must haves.
$24.22 w/ Free 2-day on amazon btw. https://www.amazon.com/Zojirushi-SM-YAE48XA-Travel-Stainless-Steel/dp/B01077GFV8
And... the buyer retains a right to return if you get a lemon or are otherwise remorseful about the purchase.
Thanks for the info. I'll gladly pay massdrop an extra dollar to support a killer website vs. supporting the evil giant website! I suspect and hope there are more folks like me too.
can you put tea bags in this?
No, it has a magical barrier that prohibits teabags from penetrating it.
The heat retention on these is so good I usually have to add ice to my coffee in the morning or else it'll be too hot to drink all day. After I'm done with coffee, I'll switch over to ice water which will stay cold till I dump it out in the morning for coffee again.
My wife has had one of these for three years now. In addition to being spill-proof, I would also say that it is almost bulletproof. Hers has been dropped, thrown, rolled, and tossed around in bags, cars, trains, etc. and looks almost like new. Also, the inside truly resists smells. Hers has been used for coffee and for tea, and as long as she washes it with soap once every couple of uses, the smell doesn't stick when she uses it with water. Just an incredible product that, especially at this price, is well worth the cost.
Just have to pop in here and say that this is an awesome buy, I've had mine for some weeks now. Pretty spill-proof from my experience.