ZOMO Anodized CNC Aluminum Kitty Paw Artisan Keycapsearch

ZOMO Anodized CNC Aluminum Kitty Paw Artisan Keycap

ZOMO Anodized CNC Aluminum Kitty Paw Artisan Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I wonder how dose this fit on topre switches. I have never tried hybrid switches. and I wonder how will it fit to my hhkb.
Hoping these get dropped again - sad I only bought one! I have three cats, one black, one grey, and one white - so I'd love to get the other two colours to match!
ps. my cap arrived today and it is gorgeous
I got my Paw Keycap this weekend and I gotta say I am extremely impressed. The quality was dead on for what I expected. The cap its self is a nice rich black color that is the perfect finishing touch to my Saber 68. Its sporting 5 of my artisan key caps. The paw is my escape and its sturdy enough that I don't worry about it breaking with use. Thanks again Zomo and Massdrop.. really glad I got this drop.
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what keycap set is that
EnjoyPBT Valentines
Hey guys, I was planning to order 2 as I love my Cat. He passed away on October 1, 2017.
I am heart broken. I wish I had purchased the key caps. I miss him. His name is/was Oreo
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What a beautiful cat
Thank you. He's a real sweetie.
Early Shipment notification! O myeah!
totally out of the blue!
Is it me?????????? Artisan keycaps????????????RRP 50 bucks. Some one is taking the piss out of you lot and laughing all the way to the bank.
It's you and a few. Don't worry. I started with $10 something 3D printed caps. And now I look down on anything under $50. :D
Artisans are indeed a thing that only interests certain people.
Really want to get this one: It will match well a silver anodized aluminium case. But I don't have one of those case yet...
meh get one now you never know if they will drop again! I plan to get one my self. I don't have the case yet but I will soon enough.
I like this keycap, but not $33 worth.
My 2 cents on the argument: These keycaps are very different from the KeyKollectiv keys. Aside from the material, the designs are different takes on a paw print. "Plagiarism" is more than a stretch.
How many People signed up for the drop just cause of the outrage! Personally I like the keycap! and still don't think its a mimic or rip off of the other paw print keycap people like. As I said before! There only so many way's to make a paw print keycap!.. I know I was on the fence cause 32.99 but now I had to have it joined the drop and am excited! I am going to place it on my Tada/Saber 68!!! as my escape key!
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+1 for XiK out on pun patrol XD
this is my favorite group buy to date! I hope everyone is keeping calm and meowing on! cause these post have been entertaining to read at the very least. love it hate it! its been a very good chuckle!
Blows my mind that plagiary, like this, is allowed to be sold on MD.
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Believing someone owns a design without actually owning it is entitlement.
Not only that, but a design that is found in nature. Like are you gonna sue a cat for having paws now because the cat ripped it off from its wild ancestor??
It's a shame this isn't a dog paw print. I'd be in for 104 of them! ;-)
It can be any paw you like :D
I'm glad someone got the joke. ;-)
Dear Brian of Massdrop,
We realize that MD is desperately trying to capitalize on the growing interest of artisan keycaps. We also realize that drops like this may seem appealing to those who are new to the scene. Given the discourse that has already occurred, please consider the following:
Z0M0 on TaoBao was selling these Kitty Paw caps at $25 Best case scenario for MD is a 50% margin (let's round off to $13) At $32.99 MSRP, let's tack on the $2.99 of each unit for transport/custom fees.
Best case scenario, MD is getting a margin of $15-17 per unit. Worst case, a margin of $8-12. At 84 units currently sold, MD will receive between $672 - $1428 from this drop.
We implore you Mr. Louie, is that margin worth losing the respect of some established artisan collectors/makers in the community?
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Dear God. Someone like me? I also can't stand raffles that allow one person to buy more than one! And yet Reddit hates me for it. Granted I went cold blooded on them all. They even refuse to reply to me on MD. But regardless, yeah. Let's give one winner 6 caps and their friends 6 caps each. That way us losers get stuck overpaying or trading to get just one cap.
Finally. I'm not alone.
PS don't ever post about your opinion in this regard to raffles on Reddit. I tried. I lost.
Honestly the whole scenario to me is similar to beanie babies of so many years ago; once people get over it, they really aren't worth anything, regardless of what collectors think. They'll certainly move on and collectors will remain collectors, but they themselves hold no value to anyone outside that specific set of people. The remaining nostalgia won't have any effect on burgeoning markets.
The only saving grace back then was that it wasn't nearly as easy to ship things out of China or nearby regions (mostly only Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong) which could flood the market with ease.
LOL!! $32 for 1 keycap? Really?
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I mean, clearly this proves you're secretly Dan Bilzerian because that's like a million dollars in artisans.
That guy pisses me off. I got a gym setup at home and no time... Here I am grinding daily and punking people in real life, and he just has to flip cards. Un-fking-real. But he ain't got my keyboard. Little B!
Just joking folks, I don't want him to come over because then it get's real and we know, I am real.
I came here for the "How many keycaps do we get for that price?" comments. I'm disappointed.
I have to say, having looked up the Keykollectiv version... This one isn't really that similar, other than the fact that it's a keycap that features a paw.
To be fair, that usually happens when the cap is shaped closer to a regular keycap; usually swirled designs and the like. Whenever a cap takes some shape it's usually like you see below: ripping off some other design from someone else.
Really makes me want to see a 'cartoony blowfish' keycap just to see the fugu crowd flip their lids.
yeah, people are very sensitive about "copying here". Maybe they don't want another k3kc
I think I found ZOMO or Z0M0 with zeros. https://shop183893482.world.taobao.com/ They had this keycap for ¥158.00, that's like $24. It's not available anymore or out of stock... https://world.taobao.com/item/555798897734.htm
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If you can't buy it there. How is MD ripping you off?
Hey I get it, supply and demand. However, given the price they were being offered for, Massdrop is clearly making a pretty penny out of this drop and once again misleading us with the big "savings" they're bringing us.
I don't get it, is says that this artisan won the poll, but I have never seen this as part of any artisan poll. I've never even heard of ZOMO. This is obviously a Meow cap rip-off.
yea to people upset I don't get the whole artisan cap thing to start with. I will admit some of them look cool but from what i have read there super delicate.. and most break. As far as a cat paw! come on there only so many way's to design a box. Obviously if the original artisan was made of metal then you might might have something otherwise.,. this is as bad as apple suing Samsung cause the phones had rounded corners and where box shaped... seriously.

Just wanted to add the local cat said he upset that KK stole his paw print with out permission. He leaves those in the mudd for others to enjoy.. not to profit off of ;).
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So did ZOMO. This does not resemble the meowcaps.
To quote @NarcolepsyNick : " The paw print shape is noticeably different, the base of the keycap is different, and the material is different. "
No thank you.
I will stick to my KK.
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Oh I thought you were talking about Kool Kids Klub.
I thought you were talking about the Klu Klux Klan. :D
I think this situation is particularly complicated because It's hard to make on cute paw look different than another. This is because the defined cat paw print is generally the same among most paw print designs. I am just gonna leave it for the others to argue out.
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A sandy texture has nothing to do if it was CNC'd or not.
Yes - its definitely cast aluminum, All those places out there melting down aluminum and pouring it into molds. Thank god for that right!
EDIT: Please disregard this comment, I don't want to get into conflicts with anyone. I'll leave it up for those to see though.

OK, My stance on if this is a Keykollectiv copy or not. I do not think it is a blatant copy for a couple of reasons. No one owns the cute paw print design. This Zomo cap is aluminum
If you look online for a kitty paw print, they look very similar to the zomo or kk. Is KK or Zomo is stealing the kitty paw print off these people? No, because no one owns it and a lot of the paw prints look very similar.
Now how would you make a cute kitty paw print keycap that doesn't look like a copy? I'm not sure, you could add claws?(don't really know much about cats). It would be hard to do without "copying" KK.
ZOMO may have taken inspiration from KK, but I do not think it is a copy
User: DontReadThis also makes some very good points.
Edit: Please don't up vote unless you have read and actually believe in my points.
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I think Sympathize is definitely the wrong word.
If I eyeballed someone else's artwork and then sold the prints no one would think twice of ripping me a new one for plagiarism. Yet it's somehow ok because this one is an aluminium keycap?
It's a copycat! Would this be categorized as a rip off Keycollective? If it is, it would be a catastrophe! But honestly speaking, it's a cat paw..and how many variations of a cat paw can there be? I can see though how this can be a catalyst for more infringements on the artisan designs. In recent years, we've seen mechanical keyboards and accessories catapult into the spotlight. Sooner or later we're going to be able to catenate a list of similar colorways, designs, keycaps etc etc. It's not as big a cataclysm as people make it out to be, though I'm sure there will be quite the caterwaul raised about this.
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FOH with this shit.
Total rip off of Keykollectiv.
I wish I had a cat
The point isn't that "no one owns a Pawprint design", it's that KeyKollectiv was first to put the pawprint design onto a keycap. Andy Warhol didn't own the Campbell soup can design but was first to silkscreen it into different colors.
Between this and Hammer's "Mummie" (KWK clone) and Star Wars/TMNT WoB caps, MD has made their position clear on where they stand with artistic/IP integrity. Classy.
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That's a crappy argument. You don't become an artist and not look at painters before you. In almost every creative endeavor (music, art), the onus is on the creator to do their research.
Artisan resin keycaps is such a narrow field that claiming ignorance is just downright irresponsible.
Good thing it's not resin then.
I also don't think your argument holds any water, so we can probably meet in the middle at downright disagreement.
KeyKollectiv clone... seriously disappointing. Get your crap together MD.
As a much more technical concern: Massdrop, are you sure these are CNC machined aluminum and not cast aluminum? There is a pretty big difference in material strength at this scale, especially when it comes to spindly keycap stems like in the image.
Noting the overly consistent surface finish (rarely accomplished by tumbling mediums), nothing seems to indicate these were machined.
It looks cnc'd due to the cuts, but I think the texture came from something like a bead blaster(not sure)
Disappointed in Massdrop for continuing to sell cloned designs of existing artisan caps.
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its aluminum though, i dont really mind if they do the same kind of design as long as they do it in a way thats worth picking up
Yeah, I'm not saying its a "clone," but it is very close in design and clearly heavily, heavily inspired this cap, and in my personal case I'd rather just have an original.
Honest question.. What else could someone do to make something generic like a pawprint look different to advoid these copycat (heh) claims? It's a pawprint.. not really sure how you expect it to be much different.
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ZOMO can do whatever they want. They can make any keycap they want. Nobody is arguing that.
What people are saying is that its tacky to copy others. Not just copying the design, but copying the idea. Instead of seeing Key Kollectiv's design and thinking to themselves, "we could do that too", why couldn't they think, "we could do something different"? The latter is riskier but the payoff in the end would be much greater than iterating on a design/idea that has already happened.
Does every creative need to come up with their own original idea? No. But is this an especially tacky iteration on an existing and popular design? Yes.
Honest answer?
The artisan keycap crowd are off the deep end. There's nothing wrong with the execution of this cap, and I'd be more than willing to bet they cared more about "everybody loves cats on the internet" than "wow some group make like 50 caps that looked just like this WE CAN TOTALLY MAKE MILLRIONS IF WE RIP THEM OFF"
I'm with everyone else. This is a blatant rip-off of KeyKollectiv's MeowCaps.
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It's not, it's just a generic paw. what If I wanted to make a cat paw keycap? People would probably still claim it's a kk copy.
With like the 7 squeaky wheels you mean?
What is it with Massdrop, cat-related keycaps, and rip-offs? *rolls eyes*