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Has anyone used this with a Pixel? I got the Hifimediy USB-C DAC and my pixel won't recognize it.
I use a smsl idea dac/amp on m google pixel
What about running M220 Pro on this?
Is it just me or this dac get hot really fast?? It makes me worry about the durability of it. Is any one else the same?
Curious what kind of luck folks are having driving headphones with higher impedances like the DT770 250 ohm. Most of my cans are higher impedance pro headphones, which do not work too great with DSLRs and prosumer field recorders. This might be just the ticket to keep me from buying another pair of bloody 7506's.

Oh wait nevermind, they do not supply a lightning adapter?
I just received mine. The DAC only outputs the left channel. Tried this on my phone, computer, and laptop with my Sennheiser 6xx and Hifiman 4xx, which work fine. Unplug the left channel and the right has zero sound at all. I think I got a lemon.
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Thanks for the feedback. Guess I'll have to wait until support gets back to me.
Update: MD did refund the cost of the DAC... completely no fuss. However, despite being defective, the sound it had was nice and clean, so I took another chance on the latest drop. Just took it out of the packet and listening now... both channels are working and sounds super clean on a very sensitive IEM :)
Just received mine... The DAC works, but it lags a lot when I listen to some lossless files (even 24/48). I plug it into a USB-C jack of my phone or into the Thunderbolt 3 (which is a superset of USB-C) jack on my laptop, and there is static noise and sound stretches out irregularly every 1-2 seconds. Literally unusable on phone or through any USB-C output.

It works fine with the USB output of the aforementioned laptop.
Does it realy don't work or is your cable just broken? I have just bought mine and i'm going to use an samsung s8 witch succes usb c... what do you advise my? Greets, sander
Does it work fine with 24bit 192khz lossless? The DAC works fine with typical 320kbps mp3 files. It just struggles with lossless files, only on USB-C.

Highly doubt it's a broken cable.
How might this pair with Massdrop Plus IEMS with its output impedance being described as <2ohm whereas, afaik, the plus IEMS need something less than <1 ohm ?
I have a question...I grabbed one of these from the IndieGoGo campaign and really do like it a lot for IEM usage as a portable upgrade to my cruddy S8's onboard audio/weak amp.

But for large headphones, it's definitely not quite an option. If I were to stack this with mu Fiio Q1's amp section only...would I be causing damage in any way/is the Zuperdac S designed for this?

If I max the volume, does it bypass the Zuperdac S's amp and work as a DAC only/line out?
I don't believe that you will ever bypass the internal amp but if it is driving a really high impedance, like the input of another amplifier, it won't really matter. I use mine strictly as a DAC running into either a stereo receiver or, for testing to see how good it is, into my mono block amps in y serious hifi system (and it sounds REALLY good)
Does this have a built-in amp, and if so how good is it?
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Hey I'll put it this way...using the bundled AKG branded IEMs, I run them about 2 clicks from max to max, and my KSC75s HAVE to be maxed and even then I don't feel they're "right"...terrible dac/amp on this phone.

With the Zuperdac S connected and maxed out, I gain about 2-4 clicks of volume headroom...2 or 3 for the 64ohm KSC75s, which sound properly juiced now, and then 3 or 4 clicks for the AKG buds which also benefit a ton in every way.

I'd say you're good up to 64ohms in terms of portable-designed IEMs or headphones...just don't go running any Planars or anything too large with it expecting gold.
Hahaha of course. Running planars off a phone is asking for suicide anyway
How does this compare to Filo Q1? Is it the same or?
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Will this help using NuForce EDC3 and Spotify on PC?

Thank you

The Zuperdac S is very clear sounding and IMHO bright in character. It's not bassy or dark, and I personally like to use it to match-up with darker sounding headphones or IEMs to balance them out some. For example, my extremely efficient Meze Neos sound amazing with the Zuperdac S compared to the onboard audio of my S8 or HP Envy, or my Fiio Q1. In all other situations, they're just way too dark and whooly by comparison.

If you like bright sound with good detail, you might like the Zuperdac S...if you are looking for something warmer to balance out bright headphones or IEMs, this won't do that for you.