Zowie 24" 144Hz XL2430/XL2720 Refurbished Monitorssearch

Zowie 24" 144Hz XL2430/XL2720 Refurbished Monitors

Zowie 24" 144Hz XL2430/XL2720 Refurbished Monitors

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yeah dont buy this monitor i bought my asus 1080p 144hz monitor new for 240 a year ago i bet its even gone down since then
50W of power consumption? I got the AOC and it's 39W
I got the XL2430 (refurb too) over Christmas and it is amazing. I have been using 144hz/1ms for a while and told everyone that it was the single best upgrade I have ever made. Even with comparable specs between my two monitors, the quality and crispness was obvious immediately, especially when it comes to the competitive aspects of gaming that these are made for. I definitely recommend it.

(There are a lot of things that can be changed on these monitors though, so make sure you take your time understanding what each of the options you are changing actually does. I know a few people that just started changing things and complaining that their eyes hurt after a few hours. I'd also suggest to set up the switch settings at a time you're going to normally be using your computer at so that other variables (day/night, room lighting, or even dead light bulbs) won't cause issues in the long run. It did take a bit of getting used to the switch settings though because there is a really big difference (dark equalizer/brightness/color vibrance for gaming versus warm colors/less blue light for late night standard use). Last thing is not often talked about, but in the end is a personal preference I guess : 24" or 27". $20 more to get the bigger screen is nice, but it's easy to start running out of room on most desks. Also, with where you normally sit gaming, your eyes aren't able to see the corners of the screen very well on a 27" and end up having to actually move your head a bit as opposed to just your eyes. Might not seem like it's THAT big of a deal, but it can definitely start to be a factor.

PS - Their customer support is awesome and very personable if there are any issues/questions...which is really rare and what made me a lifetime customer now.)
I can't pay this much for a 1080p TN panel, with no sync.
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Honestly I think the biggest issue for me here is the fact that it costs this much and isn't IPS. I don't have a TV, and I do most of my movie/TV watching on monitor, so picture and color quality matter a lot to me. Thanks for the recommendation though, I will look at that.
You might benefit from our 4K IPS and 1440 IPS monitors which aren't marketed as gaming monitors but I have sold them to people who need IPS, etc for gaming. They have 4ms response time instead of 1ms. We have the 32 inch 4K IPS PD3200U and the 27 inch 1440 IPS PD2700Q. Check those out.
I can't see buying this for $280, when a ViewSonic XG2401 is $260 brand new, has superior color presets with a similar (if not the same) panel, and offers FreeSync.
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depending on what monitor you get from us, it can be a budget affordable price, but most people tell me, "Shane, why would I buy this when I can buy " " for cheaper? You get what you pay for. I've never had someone come to me and say they were buying our product because we were the cheaper "budget" product. Check out our lineup at http://www.zowiedirect.com. We are also coming out with a bunch of new stuff.
you have done research! Kudos my friend. I am a troll by nature, so I will be extremely savage to some on forums. You all have tough skin I hope :). I treat massdrop customers a lot different than normal do not know much customers. Your reviews are on our old models with the letters at the end. I know your demographic does research and that is fine. Tons of keyboard warriors here who will go off specs and have never touched our new Zowie line, but basically go off our old line. All of our updates we make are per the pros' recommendations. I do not know the circumstances regarding your charge back since I am not in customer service, but I would say we help people out way more than I feel we should. People out of warranty or outrageous demands, etc. We are coming out with a 240hz (true) with DyAc technology. As of now we just have the 144hz with DyAc and a 240hz monitor. All of what we do is for specific gaming, not 1 size fits all. We do not focus on 4k IPS gaming because 4K will reduce your response and refresh rates which pro gamers really do not care about. They care about getting the smoothest picture and fastest reaction time to win. If we end up making a beautiful 4K IPS gaming monitor, it will only be once that combination is perfected and not just to have it out like some people do. Have a nice day
This is a complete rip off for a refurbished monitor. You can buy the new model for cheaper. Please don't purchase this.
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Gsync is Nvidia's pay to use version of AMD's Freesync. A lot of companies are moving away from Gsync as they have to pay for the licensing of that with Nvidia. Until further notice, we will not be making any new gsync monitors. Just freesync.
Good! That $200 G-Sync tax is bull
I got these for under $200 over a year ago. Disappointing price :(
Where'd you get it for that cheap?
I can vouch for this. I bought This exact monitor recertified directly from benq for 260 free shipping . The monitor had no scratches or nicks in sight, monitor had a few hours of use on it, no dead pixels either. The monitor's build quality is fantastic and the UI is great too. the monitor I got (and I assume these too)were used once at and esport competition then were returned and refurbished from what I've been told. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions.
Anybody else recive a monitor with a dead pixel?
ShaneJ That would great if you could shoot me the tracking info.
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Thanks man you made my day
My pleasure. I deleted the tracking number so nobody else has it.