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ZPacks Cuben Fiber Bear Bag Kit

ZPacks Cuben Fiber Bear Bag Kit

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I have one of these. I've only used it so far a week backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon. This bag plus an odor proof liner worked great! I used a larger carabiner and hung if from a low branch. No rodent issues at all. Other people in my party used the heavy, metal mesh rat sacks. One determine rodent was able to get it's teeth in between the mesh links and chew up plastic baggies. It couldn't get the food but who wanted nuts with rat slobber one them?!?!
Talk about marketing lol, i just use a 2 grocery bags, dont need a carabeener i tie knots, lighter and last just as long , total cost $0
Total protection from critters and bears on a thru-hike = 0.
As a Florida resident...

zpacks: $50.00 + $5.00 shipping + $3.50 tax = $58.50
massdrop: $41.99 + $2.98 shipping + $0.00 tax = $44.97
savings: $13.53
I was disappointed with this one. At some point in time Zpacks has changed the standard size of their food bag. This bag is HUGE! I didn't read the sizing and just assumed it would be the same as my previous food bag from Zpacks. This bag is way bigger than I could ever imagine needing. Especially as an ultralight hiker. I fit 6 days of food in here and MAYBE used half of the bag. I was disappointed and will be looking to other brands for food bags in the future.
My particular flavor of 'bear country' makes it advisable to also hang all kitchen items and toiletries. Sounds like a good size to me to take advantage of the ability to stuff this thing with all questionable items.
Maybe I'm not realizing your concerns; is it too heavy for you? Does it take too much space?
Never even thought to look but now that you mention it I could have sworn the size used to be closer to 12L? Or my memory is going which is completely possible. I do really like the longer horizontal opening on this vs. the other dry bags that are tall and skinny.
Is this cuben fiber material smell proof as well?
No it is not. You can get a smell resistant bag like Allosak from Amazon or Ursak
The little aluminum carabiner that came with mine malfunctioned almost immediately. I got a little nylon one from Nite Ize to replace it but you don't really need one. Aside from that it't been pretty bombproof for the past 2 years or so.
Prelminary comparisons: The envelope style Zpacks Cuben Bear bag (without the rock sack and rope) weighs 1.3 ounces. The cylindrical bottom OR UL Dry Sack (15L) ($19.81 on Amazon) weighs 1.7 oz and is slightly taller. The cylindrical bottom should hold slightly more than the envelope style bottom. My Zpacks Cuben Bear bag seems durable so far although the velcro has worn out that secures the closure before you roll it down. I doubt the Velcro has much to do with the sealing of the bear bag. I purchased my Zpacks Bear Bag 2 years ago so they may have improved the Velcro. My rock sack that came with it, blew out the first time I used it when the sack (with internal rock), struck another rock (after I threw it over a limb). I repaired it with Tenacious Tape. So far so good. I have yet use the OR UL 15L Dry Sack but looks and feels durable.

Have this for a couple of years now. It can take a punch and pretty heavy load. Very happy with mine!
Someone talk me into this. I'm currently lusting for anything ZPacks but also trying to stave down the gear obsession. I have cheap light enough nylon dry(ish) bags and cordage. How much more magical is DCF really ?
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I plan on keeping it stocked with 3 days worth of food and ready to go with small kitchen utensils and stove. One bag to grab and I can go on a trip at a moment's notice
Totally. That's how I do it now, except with cheap nylon roll-top bags (that once upon a time were probably PU coated). So talk me into this one ? I want to buy it, but I'm doing a remarkably responsible job of actually looking at the justification of purchases it seems, versus just giving into the gear acquisition syndrome. That, and there's other much more expensive ZPacks stuff I want to save up for.
Looks like shipping is $2.98
Does anyone know how much shipping will cost? I thought Massdrop used to state this with the price. ZPacks charges $4.95 to ship this from their site. Will the saving here be eaten up with shipping?
Shipping shows $2.98 to my address when I hit Join Drop
Is shipping included in this price? Thx!
No, but you can hit "join drop" to calculate shipping. It was $2.98 for me, and another person.