Casio Watch Bands

or the Japanese rangeman with carbon fiber band!!
Can we possibly add the new Gst-300 series?

The gst-w310d-1a is an awesome g-steel, good looks, about 10% slimmer than the gst-100 series with tough solar, 6 band atomic, and plenty of other features. It's around $350 right now, but if we could get it below 300 that would be a real STEEL 😉
i just got the green camo rangeman with carbon fiber band and i love it! i got the normal green one first, but that negative face was just too hard to read 90% of the time so i got the camo one with normal face and its great.

also got the adapters to use a nato strap, but i really like the look & feel of the carbon band so sticking with it for now.

mudmaster is next on my list i think. those look great and have all the features i like.