Clover Mighty Mini Ironing Board

I just recently got some Clover ironing thimbles on clearance - set of 3. I love them, but wish there was a great way to store them at/near my ironing board. They are awesome for pressing open seams. I can't wait to try with my mini-iron.
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Show us your custom painted miniatures!

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RipStitcher -
Do you find your Rowenta leaks? I have it, and it leaked so badly it completely ruined the finish on my table - leaked right through the tabletop ironing board. Maybe I ended up with a dud? Anyway, I use it as a dry-iron, and dry it works pretty well!
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Development Boards & Massdrop

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What Are Your Top 10 Board Games?

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40% Starter Board

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Acrylic Mini Rack for DAC & AMP