Corsair Keyboard Warranty

Easy; Razer. Cross platform drivers with cloud saved setting profiles.
Corsair does not have, nor will they ever have (their words) drivers for Mac. CKB is barely functional at best, and lags behind OS updates by about six months to a year. Also, if it bricks your keyboard, Corsair will void the warranty.
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K70 good keyboard, but Corsair shocking attitude to customers. I bought K70 Rapidfire in my country, the price is more than $ 200, and it is the most expensive that we have sold. Once unpacked he saw that the button "mute" a little scratched edge. I think that when inserted in the aluminum button is scratched. Shops in my country does not consider this a cosmetic defect warranty. I asked the support and asked Korsair send button. Maintenance Kors...
Hey there! this (assuming people are interested) will be my first successful drop!
so I broke my K70 the other day, and sadly the warranty has worn off....
I would get a cheaper keyboard, but i'm legally blind and i've found that the K70 (along with other Corsair keyboards) work very well with my eyes! (it took me a while to find a perfect keyboard)

let's make this drop happen!