Cross Stitch Kit

Hey LethargicLass,

With the voting system only your first vote will actually display in the poll. The #2 and #3 votes are stored on our end so we can keep track of peoples choices outside of what the poll results show.

Thanks for voting and bringing this up for anyone else who may be confused. Let me know if you have any other concerns or questions!

The voting is not registering properly at all. Only my first and third choices are showing as having been voted for.
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Skin that ink pen

I just want to buy this already made, I'm too lazy to cross stitch these.
If you're going to go for a serious down jacket at this price level, make sure it is a box-wall type, not a regular stitch-through. SO many expensive brand-name jackets just use the cheap stitch-through sewing system, where you can feel the cold spots along the stitching. A proper box-wall design (as used in serious sleeping bags) has the down in what would look like boxes if you could see a cross-section, with no cold spots along the stitching. ...